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Baratang Island, also known as Ranchiwalas Island, is a picturesque destination located in the North and Middle Andaman Administrative district of the Andaman Nicobar Islands. Situated approximately 100 kilometers from Port Blair, the island is renowned for its stunning mangroves, unique mud volcanoes (the only ones in India), and captivating limestone caves. Visitors may obtain permission from th ...

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FAQs on Baratang Island

What is Baratang Island known for?
Baratang Island, also known as Ranchiwalas Island, is renowned for its stunning mangroves, unique mud volcanoes, and captivating limestone caves.
How can visitors explore the limestone caves on Baratang Island?
Visitors may obtain permission from the Forest Department at Baratang to explore the remarkable limestone caves on the island.
How is the access to Baratang Island facilitated?
Access to Baratang Island is facilitated by the government ferry service operating between Port Blair city at the Phoenix Bay Jetty.
What are some key features of the natural sightseeing experiences on Baratang Island?
Baratang Island primarily offers natural sightseeing experiences, including boat rides through mangroves and exploring the limestone caves.
What are visitors saying about their experience on Baratang Island?
Visitors have praised Baratang Island for its well-maintained tourist attractions, safety measures, calm and beautiful surroundings, and responsible boat operators.
What can visitors expect during a trip to Baratang Island?
When visiting Baratang Island, expect to witness the natural beauty of mangroves, take a boat ride through lush green rainforests, and explore the captivating limestone caves.
What dining options are available on Baratang Island?
One of the recommended dining options on Baratang Island is Vedha Restaurant, offering delicious local cuisine like Aaloo Gobhi, Lentils Daal, and whole-grained Roti.
What makes Baratang Island a must-see destination in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Baratang Island is a must-see destination for those seeking unforgettable memories amidst the exotic expanse of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
How is the journey to Baratang Island described by travelers?
Travelers describe the journey to Baratang Island as a unique experience, passing through lush mangroves and encountering the protected Jarawa tribe territories.
What are the main attractions on Baratang Island?
The chief attractions on Baratang Island are the captivating Limestone Cave and the intriguing Mud Volcano, offering visitors a mix of natural wonders to explore.