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Discover the rich tradition of craftsmanship at the Kapasi Handicraft Emporium, founded by Shri Kantibhai Kapasi in 1973. This iconic establishment showcases a diverse array of wooden, metal, and stone craftworks, as well as exquisite embroidery and painting artworks. Visitors can explore a wide range of pottery, brass and rare metal crafts, wall hangings, vases, marble art pieces, and unique gift ...

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FAQs on Kapasi Handicraft Emporium

What is Kapasi Handicraft Emporium known for?
Kapasi Handicraft Emporium is renowned for its diverse collection of wooden, metal, and stone craftworks, exquisite embroidery, and painting artworks, offering visitors a wide range of pottery, brass, rare metal crafts, wall hangings, vases, marble art pieces, and unique gifting options.
Who founded Kapasi Handicraft Emporium and when?
Kapasi Handicraft Emporium was founded by Shri Kantibhai Kapasi in 1973, showcasing a rich tradition of craftsmanship that has attracted visitors for decades.
What can visitors expect when visiting Kapasi Handicraft Emporium?
Visitors to Kapasi Handicraft Emporium can expect a splendid collection of artworks to suit every preference and budget, along with courteous staff, a welcoming atmosphere, and a wide range of handicraft items to explore.
Where is Kapasi Handicraft Emporium located?
Kapasi Handicraft Emporium is conveniently located within 300 meters from Income Tax Crossing and the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, making it easily accessible for those interested in exploring its offerings.
What do customers appreciate about Kapasi Handicraft Emporium?
Customers appreciate the wide range of decor and handicraft items, reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff, and the unique shopping experience offered by Kapasi Handicraft Emporium.
Is Kapasi Handicraft Emporium recommended for those interested in antique and religious items?
Yes, Kapasi Handicraft Emporium is a great choice for those looking for antique idols, items related to religion, and handcrafted products, with a diverse selection available at reasonable prices.
What unique features does Kapasi Handicraft Emporium offer to its customers?
Kapasi Handicraft Emporium stands out for its huge showroom spanning two floors, offering a good collection of handicrafts, brass statues, sculptures, Dokra crafts, and more. Customers can also benefit from discounts, a membership program, and an online shopping portal.
How would you describe the shopping experience at Kapasi Handicraft Emporium?
Shopping at Kapasi Handicraft Emporium is described as an amazing experience, with a variety of handicraft items to choose from, helpful and kind staff, and a unique ambiance that sets it apart as a must-visit shop in Ahmedabad.
What sets Kapasi Handicraft Emporium apart from other shops in the area?
Kapasi Handicraft Emporium distinguishes itself with its extensive collection of handcrafted items, antique home decor, god idols, and handicrafts, all available at reasonable prices, making it a preferred destination for those seeking unique and quality products.
Are there any improvements suggested by customers for Kapasi Handicraft Emporium?
While customers appreciate the offerings at Kapasi Handicraft Emporium, some have suggested better maintenance of the premises and revisiting pricing strategies to ensure competitiveness in the market.