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Kolab Falls, located in Jeypore, Odisha, is a popular picnic spot and a renowned waterfall. It features three distinct cascades, plunging 30 feet into the River Kolaban, creating a breathtaking landscape admired by visitors.

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FAQs on Kolab Falls

What is the name of the place?
Kolab Falls
Where is Kolab Falls located?
Kolab Falls is located in Jeypore, Odisha.
What can visitors expect to see at Kolab Falls?
Kolab Falls features three distinct cascades plunging 30 feet into the River Kolaban, creating a breathtaking landscape admired by visitors.
What do users say about Kolab Falls?
User reviews mention various experiences at Kolab Falls, ranging from positive comments about the natural beauty and peaceful environment to concerns about accessibility and cleanliness of the water.
Is Kolab Falls recommended for family picnics?
While some visitors recommend Kolab Falls as a nice picnic spot, others caution that it may not be ideal for family outings due to factors like uneven roads and slippery stones.
How far is Bagra Waterfall from Jeypore?
Bagra Waterfall is located near Jeypore, offering mind-blowing views that draw thousands of tourists to this exotic waterfall in Odisha.
What makes Bagra Waterfall an ideal picnic spot?
Bagra Waterfall, situated on the river Kolab, is described as a charming waterfall surrounded by dense foliage, offering a heavenly sight for nature lovers and picnickers alike.
How accessible is Bagra Waterfall?
Bagra Waterfall is easily accessible from Jeypore town, with auto-rickshaws and frequent town buses available to transport visitors to the spot.
What are some user reviews about Bagra Waterfall?
User reviews of Bagra Waterfall highlight the beauty of the place, with some mentioning the need to walk a short distance from the road while others emphasize the scenic charm and worthiness of visiting during the monsoon season.
Is Bagra Waterfall safe to visit?
While some reviews praise Bagra Waterfall as a must-visit destination, others express concerns about safety, citing factors like the path condition and the size of the waterfall.