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Perched on the steep slopes of Jakhoo Hill in Shimla, Rothney Castle is a heritage monument enveloped by lush greenery and vibrant wildflowers. The site, once home to A.O. Hume, the Father of Ornithology and founder of the Indian National Congress, holds immense historical and architectural significance. Although not open to visitors, the 19th-century mansion offers a glimpse of its glass verandas ...

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FAQs on Rothney Castle, Shimla

What is the current status of Rothney Castle?
Rothney Castle, a historic building in Shimla, is currently under private ownership and is not accessible to the public. While it holds significant historical value as the former residence of A.O. Hume, visitors can only view the property from the outside.
Is Rothney Castle open to the public?
No, Rothney Castle is not open to the general public for visiting.
What can visitors expect to see at Rothney Castle?
Rothney Castle, located on Jakhoo Hill in Shimla, is a heritage monument with historical and architectural significance. It was once home to A.O. Hume, the Father of Ornithology and founder of the Indian National Congress. While visitors cannot enter the property, they can catch a glimpse of the mansion's glass verandas and the world's largest collection of stuffed Asiatic birds assembled by Hume.
What are some user reviews of Rothney Castle?
User reviews of Rothney Castle highlight its historical importance as the former residence of A.O. Hume and its unique collection of stuffed birds. While access to the property is restricted, visitors can still admire the building from the main gate and learn about its history from a plaque near the second gate.
Can visitors make reservations to visit Rothney Castle?
No reservations are required for visiting Rothney Castle, but please note that the property is not open to the public due to its current private ownership.