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Ernakulam, the central district in Kerala and home to the financial and industrial capital, Kochi, is a place where nature, faith, and industry harmoniously coexist. Known as the economic and political hub of Kerala, Ernakulam is a bustling district that also offers a range of wonderful tourist attractions. From the iconic Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi to the Cochin Stock Exchange, Kerala Municipal Corporation, and Kerala High Court, the district presents a unique blend of modernity and tradition, making it the heart of Kerala.
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Most Visited Places in Ernakulam

Places to Visit in Ernakulam

Pavakkulam Temple, Ernakulam, Keralastar-img4.7 (1,957)
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7 kms from Ernakulam
The Pavakkulam Temple in Kaloor, Ernakulam is a serene place dedicated to Lord Mahadeva (Shiva). Its simple yet exquisite architecture and wood carvings create a tranquil atmosphere. Special pujas, such as Ponkala and Vilappu, are conducted during the month of Dhanu (December-January), and Devi Parv...
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St George\u2019s Church, Kadamattom, Ernakulam, Keralastar-img4.6 (631)
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30 kms from Ernakulam
St George\u2019s Church, located in Kadamattom, Ernakulam, Kerala near Kolenchery, is an ancient Indian Orthodox Church with a rich history. According to belief, it was constructed by Bishop Mar Sabor, who played a crucial role in spreading the word of God among the Saint Thomas Christians in Kerala...
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Ezhattumugham, Ernakulam, Kerala 
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43 kms from Ernakulam
Nestled just 11.8km from Cochin International Airport, Ezhattumugham is a charming village renowned for its Thumboormozhi dam, oil palm plantation, and the picturesque hanging bridge. This idyllic spot has been developed as a tourism village, known as Prakriti Gramam (Nature Village), offering visit...
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FAQs on Ernakulam

What is famous about Ernakulam?
Ernakulam is known for its urban Kerala culture, excellent food, and shopping opportunities.
What is not so good about Ernakulam?
The weather in Ernakulam is not pleasant most of the year, with very hot and humid conditions.
Who should visit Ernakulam?
Ernakulam is ideal for anyone looking to explore the urban culture of Kerala.
What is the best time to visit Ernakulam?
The best time to visit Ernakulam is from October to February, when the temperatures are more pleasant. At other times of the year, the temperatures can rise above 30°C, making exploration and travel uncomfortable.
What is the best way to reach Ernakulam?
Ernakulam can be reached by air via the Cochin International Airport (COK) or by train through the Ernakulam Junction Railway Station (ERS). Traveling by road is also convenient with bus and car options available. Various bus services connect Ernakulam and Kochi to different parts of South India.
What are the places near Ernakulam?
Some of the top places near Ernakulam include Munnar (84 km away), Alleppey (61 km away), Kochi (2 km away), Ooty (164 km away), and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary (46 km away). These destinations offer diverse experiences for visitors.