Badami, Karnataka
Ancient Temples, Red Sandstone Beauty

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Welcome to Badami, a small town in the northern part of Karnataka, India, known for its ancient rock-cut cave temples and structural temples. The stunning red sandstone cliffs and rich cultural heritage make Badami a must-visit destination for history and architecture enthusiasts. Nestled in a valley of rugged red sandstone, surrounding the Agastya Lake, Badami is an archaeological delight owing to its beautifully crafted sandstone cave temples, fortresses, and carvings. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that constitute Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal and is the finest example of traditional temple architecture in India. Once the royal capital of the Chalukyas, Badami is home to a number of examples of Dravidian architecture which have instances of both South and North Indian styles of architecture. Visitors can explore three Hindu Temples and one Jain Temple in Badami Caves. Rock climbing is also a popular activity here for those seeking adventure.
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How to Reach Badami

To reach Badami, one can access it by road and rail, as it is connected to all major cities. The closest airport is in Belgaum, approximately 150km away. Badami has its own small railway station with trains regularly halting from cities like Bangalore and Bijapur. Buses are available from nearby cities and towns, making road travel the most convenient way to reach Badami. The town can be explored using autorickshaws, tongas, or rented cycles, but the best way to explore is by foot.
  • By Air : To reach Badami by air, the nearest major airport is in Bangalore. From there, you can drive up to Badami. Another option would be the Goa International Airport, which is 206 kilometers away from Badami. Flights to Goa International Airport can also be considered for accessing Badami.
  • By Train : To reach Badami by train, one can use the Badami Railway station, which is connected to nearby cities such as Bangalore and Belgaum. However, it is important to note that Badami is only accessible by road and rail. Local transport within the town includes autorickshaws, tongas, and rental cycles, with exploring the town on foot being the preferred mode of transportation due to its small size.
  • By Road : Badami can only be accessed by road and is well connected to nearby cities and towns. Buses are available from most nearby cities and towns to Badami, making it the most convenient way to reach the city. The town also has a small bus stand located in the center for easy access. Being a small town, autorickshaws or tongas are a preferable mode of transport within it. Cycles are also available for rent, but the best way to explore this town is by foot.
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Places to Visit in Badami

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Badami Cave Templesstar-img4.6 (19,857)
The Badami Cave Temples are a captivating must-see attraction for history enthusiasts, architecture aficionados, and those interested in religious beliefs. Constructed between the 6th and 8th centuries, these temples are considered among the earliest examples of Chalukya architecture. Comprising fou...
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Bhuthanatha Temples, Badamistar-img4.7 (1,161)
The Bhuthanatha Temples in the town of Badami are a remarkable display of Chalukya architecture. Situated facing the Agastya lake, the Bhuthanatha group of temples consists of the Bhuthanatha Temple to the east and the Mallikarjuna Temple to the North-East. These temples, built of local sandstone, a...
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Mahakuta Temple Complexstar-img4.6 (1,085)
Nestled in the serene village of Mahakuta on the outskirts of Badami in Karnataka, the Mahakuta temple complex is a remarkable architectural marvel dating back to the 7th century. Built by the Chalukya dynasty, these temples showcase a blend of Dravidian and Nagara styles, with the grand Mahakuteshw...
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Badami Archaeological Museumstar-img4.3 (308)
Discover the rich history and culture of Badami at the Archaeological Museum. As the former capital of the ancient Chalukya empire, Badami boasts a wealth of ancient cultural artifacts from the 6th century. The museum, located at the foothills of the northern hill, houses a remarkable collection of ...
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Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Templestar-img4.6 (173)
Perched atop a rugged rocky outcrop in Badami, Karnataka, the Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Temple is a remarkable example of ancient Chalukya architecture. Dating back to the 7th century and originally dedicated to the Sun God Surya, it has since been modified by various rulers. The temple, now devo...
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Things to do in Badami

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Explore Mallikarjuna Temple at Badami
Discover the elegant Mallikarjuna Temple within the Bhootanatha temple cluster by the beautiful Agastya Lake of Badami in Karnataka. This 11th-century temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, features a star-shaped plan and showcases Chalukyan architectural influence. Built in the Phamsana style with tiered...
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Explore the Ancient Mahakuta Temple Complex
Embark on a journey to the Mahakuta group of temples, situated on the outskirts of Badami in the tiny village of Mahakuta, Karnataka. These architectural wonders were built in the 7th century by the Badami monarchs of the Chalukya dynasty and are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples showcase a blend...
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Visit Banashankari Temple
Head to Cholachagudd near Badami, Karnataka to visit the famous Banashankari temple, also known as Banashankari Amma temple. This Hindu shrine is steeped in history and culture, and is known for its unique tradition of worshiping 'Rahukala' to dispel miseries and inauspiciousness. The temple showcas...
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Explore the Bhuthanatha Temples in Badami
Embark on a visit to the Bhuthanatha Temples in Badami, Karnataka, which are exemplary of Chalukya architecture. Situated facing the Agastya lake, the Bhuthanatha group of temples includes the Bhuthanatha Temple to the east and the Mallikarjuna Temple to the North-East. Constructed from local sandst...
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Relax at Agastya Lake
Unwind near the Badami cave temples at Agastya Lake, a serene and picturesque spot surrounded by natural beauty. Legend has it that the sage Agastya created this sacred lake, which is believed to possess healing powers. Located just 1 km from the Badami Bus Station in Karnataka, the lake offers a pe...
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Best Time to Visit Badami

The best time to visit Badami is during Winter and Spring, from October to April. The delightful weather with clear skies and cool breezes makes it perfect for exploring the town. The monsoon season is also pleasant as the region does not receive continuous heavy downpours. Summers are not recommended due to soaring temperatures.

FAQs on Badami

What are the popular things to explore in Badami?
The most loved tourist places to explore in Badami are Lower Shivalaya and Upper Shivalaya, Mahakuta Temples, and Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Temple. These sites offer a rich historical and cultural experience, providing visitors with lasting memories.
What is the best time to visit Badami?
The best time to visit Badami is during the peak season of November, December, January, and February, as well as the moderate season of July, August, and September. These periods offer delightful weather conditions, making it ideal for unwinding from a routine and exploring the region.
What are the activities you can explore during the peak season and moderate season in Badami?
During the peak season, visitors can enjoy delightful weather, clear skies, and cool breezes. In the moderate season, they can experience moderate to heavy snowfall with cool winds. Both seasons offer unique experiences for visitors to enjoy.
What is famous about Badami?
Badami is renowned for its archaeological wonders and beautiful sandstone monuments, offering visitors a glimpse into its rich historical and cultural heritage.
What is not so good about Badami?
The railway station in Badami has limited connectivity to nearby places, which may inconvenience some travelers.
Who should visit Badami?
Located in Karnataka, Badami is a popular destination for pilgrims, archaeology enthusiasts, and history buffs, offering a wealth of historical and cultural experiences for visitors to explore.
What is the best time to visit Badami?
The semi-arid region of Badami makes Winter and Spring (October to April) the best time to visit. The moderate temperatures during this period allow for comprehensive exploration of the region. The monsoon season is also pleasant, with intermittent showers cooling the town, while summers are not recommended due to high temperatures.
What is the local food in Badami?
Badami offers a delightful array of local cuisine, featuring dishes prepared with rice, ragi, jowar, urad dal, jaggery, and coconut. The cuisine is known for its tangy and sour flavors, often cooked in coconut oil. Visitors can also savor a variety of meat, fish, and seafood dishes, along with local favorites such as Halwa, Chiroti, and Mysore Pak.
What is the best way to reach Badami?
Badami can be accessed by road and rail, with connectivity to major cities. The nearest airport is in Belgaum, approximately 150km away. Badami has its own railway station, and can also be reached by bus, with the bus stand centrally located in the town.
What are the things to do in Badami?
Top activities to enjoy in Badami include exploring the Cave Temples, Agastya Lake, Badami Fort, Aihole, Bhuthanatha Temples, and city shopping, offering visitors a diverse range of experiences to immerse themselves in.
What are the places near Badami?
Nearby attractions to Badami include Hampi (106 km away), Pattadakal (15 km away), Aihole (24 km away), Goa (203 km away), and Gokarna (210 km away), providing visitors with additional opportunities to explore the surrounding areas.