Chiplun, Maharashtra
Serene Retreat Amidst Mango Groves

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Nestled in the serene outskirts of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, Chiplun is a delightful city offering a peaceful retreat among lush mango groves alongside the picturesque Vashishti Lake. Renowned for its pristine white sand beaches and charming mango and cashew groves along the Vashishti river, the name 'Chiplun,' which means 'The abode of Lord Parashurama,' is derived from the famous temple it houses. This industrial town is also a popular destination for visitors, with the River View Resort drawing in weekend getaways seekers. The captivating sunsets over the Vashishti river and Koyna Dam attract visitors to book rooms for a chance to wake up to the breathtaking scenery. As a significant stop on the Konkan railway route for trains traveling between Mumbai, Goa, and South India, Chiplun offers a tranquil haven before immersing oneself in the bustling energy of Mumbai.
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How to Reach Chiplun

To get to the city, you can take a flight, train, bus, or drive. If you choose to fly, check for flights to the nearest airport. Taking a train or bus may be an option if available. Driving can also be a convenient way to reach the city, especially if you prefer flexibility and control over your travel schedule.
  • By Air : To reach the city by air, travelers can fly into the nearest airport, which is located approximately 30 miles from the city center. Several major airlines operate regular flights to this airport from various international and domestic locations. Upon arrival, visitors can easily access the city center from the airport via taxis, shuttles, or rental cars. The airport also offers convenient facilities such as currency exchange, car rental services, and information kiosks to assist travelers in navigating their way to the city.
  • By Train : To reach the city by train, travelers can take advantage of the extensive rail network offering convenient access from various major cities. The city is well connected to neighboring regions and international destinations via regular train services. Travelers can enjoy a comfortable and scenic journey while taking advantage of the convenient train schedules and affordable ticket options. The central train station is located in the heart of the city, providing easy access to local transportation and nearby attractions upon arrival.
  • By Road : The city is accessible by road via several major highways, including the A1 and A2. If coming from the north, take the A1 southbound, and if coming from the east, the A2 westbound. Both highways offer scenic views and rest stops along the way. Local roads leading into the city are well-maintained, making the journey by road a convenient and enjoyable option for travelers.
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Places to Visit in Chiplun

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Guhagar Beachstar-img4.5 (3,850)
Guhagar Beach, one of the longest beaches in the Konkan region, is a pristine expanse of white sand located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, India. Just an hour's drive from the ancient city of Chiplun, known for its mangoes and coconuts, Guhagar Beach is a peaceful oasis for those seeking ...
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Parashuram Temple, Chiplunstar-img4.7 (1,791)
Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Parashuram Temple, a 300-year-old architectural marvel that beautifully blends Hindu and Muslim styles. Dedicated to the 6th incarnation of the Hindu deity, the temple houses 3 idols and is surrounded by imposing stone walls. Legend has it that the Bandgan...
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Sawatsada Waterfall, Chiplun, Maharashtra Goastar-img4.5 (1,091)
Situated near the Parashuram temple, the Sawatsada waterfall is a mesmerizing sight best enjoyed during the monsoon season. Its pristine white appearance, accompanied by the soothing sound of cascading water, offers a picturesque setting for photographers and nature enthusiasts. While it may require...
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Gowalkot Island Fortstar-img4.3 (650)
Situated just 10 km from Chiplun in Maharashtra Goa, Gowalkot Island Fort is a historic gem surrounded by the Vashishti river. The fort, dating back to 1690, provides a thrilling experience for trekkers, who can enjoy breathtaking views of the river and the surrounding area from its elevated positio...
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Nehru Smriti Gardenstar-img4.2 (412)
Nehru Smriti Garden in Chiplun, Maharashtra Goa, provides a stunning vantage point overlooking the Koyna dam and the Shivasagar lake. The garden is situated adjacent to the Koyna reservoir, offering a picturesque setting to enjoy the abundant fresh water fish in these water bodies.
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Things to do in Chiplun

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Explore Koyna Dam
Embark on a scenic drive from Chiplun through majestic forests, plateaus, and lush meadows to reach the magnificent Koyna Dam, nestled between the Sahyadris in the Western Ghats. Although visiting the dam itself is not allowed, travelers can obtain a permission letter from Pune to take a boat trip t...
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Visit Shivaji Museum
Located 25km from Chiplun, the Shivaji Museum is a testament to the life and achievements of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Built over 15 years at a cost of about a crore rupees by social worker Sitrambuva Walawalkar, the museum showcases the Maratha ruler's life through pictures and statues. The sculptures a...
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Explore the Legendary Laterite Well near Datta Temple
Discover the ancient laterite well located near the Datta temple in Chiplun, Maharashtra. Believed to have been built by the Pandavas, this well is steeped in history and is a prominent site mentioned in numerous books and legends.
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Visit Nehru Smriti Garden
Head to Nehru Smriti garden in Chiplun, Maharashtra Goa for the best view of the Koyna dam and the Shivasagar lake. This picturesque location is situated right next to the Koyna reservoir, where you can also spot plenty of fresh water fish in these water bodies.
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Trek to Nageshwar Temple
Embark on a medium difficulty trek to Nageshwar Temple in Chiplun, Maharashtra Goa. This trek is popular among amateur trekkers and photographers, offering stunning views and a chance to explore the ancient temple.
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Best Time to Visit Chiplun

The best time to visit Chiplun is during the winter months from November to February when the weather is pleasantly cool, making it ideal for exploring the city's natural beauty and outdoor activities.

FAQs on Chiplun

What is famous about Chiplun?
Chiplun is famous for its picturesque places, lip-smacking Malvani cuisine, mild winters with pleasant weather, and being less crowded.
What is not so good about Chiplun?
Chiplun experiences heavy rainfall, and there are limited adventure activities aside from trekking.
Who should visit Chiplun?
Chiplun is a perfect destination for honeymooners and nature lovers, with its beautiful beaches and greenery. It is also ideal for those who love Malvani food, and adventure enthusiasts can find opportunities for trekking.
What is the best time to visit Chiplun?
The best time to visit Chiplun is during the monsoons, especially for experiencing the Sawatsada waterfall and trekking. The region has a tropical climate and is known for its lush green landscapes, free-flowing rivers, monsoon waterfalls, paddy fields, mango farms, and more.
What is the local food in Chiplun?
Most restaurants in Chiplun serve Malvani food, with Hotel Abhishek being a well-known establishment. Visitors can also find a variety of restaurants catering to different tastes. Notable local delicacies include jackfruit chips, cashew nuts, mangoes, and Kokum sherbet.
What is the best way to reach Chiplun?
Chiplun is easily accessible via road, rail, or air transport. While the city does not have its own airport, the Ratnagiri Airport is the nearest, located approximately 83 km away. The Chiplun railway station is also conveniently located near the heart of the city. The city is well-connected by roads to prominent cities, making it a convenient option for travelers from nearby locations. However, for visitors from the south or extreme eastern regions, air transport may be preferable.
What are the things to do in Chiplun?
Some of the top attractions and activities in Chiplun include visiting the Vashishti River, Marleshwar Temple, Guhagar Beach, Sawatsada Waterfalls, Lord Parashurama Temple, and Koyna Dam. For a comprehensive list of places to visit in Chiplun, refer to the local travel guide.
What are the places near Chiplun?
Nearby places of interest include Mahabaleshwar (45 km from Chiplun), Panchgani (52 km from Chiplun), Ganapatipule (49 km from Chiplun), Goa (228 km from Chiplun), and Harihareshwar (73 km from Chiplun).