Rajkot, Gujarat
A Cultural Gem Of Gujarat

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Rajkot, the fourth-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, is a commercial hub known for its delectable sweets, traditional snacks, and vibrant Navratri celebrations. The city offers a rich cultural experience with its exquisite handicrafts, including silverwork, patola weaving, and bandhani. Established in 1612 by the Jadeja Rajput Clan, Rajkot holds historical significance as the place where Mahatma Gandhi received his early education. Visitors can explore the maze of narrow alleys that exude a distinct cultural charm. Notable attractions such as Jubilee Garden, Lang Library, Watson Museum, and Kaba Gandhi No Delo attract tourists and history enthusiasts. Rajkot, once the capital of post-Independence Saurashtra, was also the administrative center for the Western Indian State Agency of British India. Renowned for its cleanliness, the city is a magnet for those intrigued by India's past and heritage.
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How to Reach Rajkot

To get to the city, you can take a flight, drive, or use public transportation. If you choose to fly, you can book a ticket to the nearest airport. Driving involves choosing a route and following the road signs. Public transportation options may include buses, trains, or subways, depending on availability.
  • By Air : If you're traveling to the city by air, you can book a flight to the nearest airport. The city is served by a major airport with connections to domestic and international destinations. Upon arrival, you can easily find transportation options such as taxis, shuttles, or rental cars to reach your final destination within the city.
  • By Train : To get to the city by train, travelers have several options available. The city is well-connected by rail, with frequent train services from major cities and towns across the country. The central train station in the city serves as a hub for both domestic and international train travel. High-speed trains offer a quick and efficient way to reach the city from nearby urban centers, while regional trains provide convenient connections from smaller towns and rural areas. Travelers can also consider purchasing rail passes for added flexibility and cost savings. Upon arrival at the train station, visitors will find various transportation options, including taxis, buses, and rental cars, to reach their final destination within the city.
  • By Road : To reach the city by road, travelers can take the major highways that connect the city to neighboring towns and regions. The city is accessible by car or bus, with well-maintained roads and clear signage. From the nearest airport, visitors can rent a car or take a shuttle service to the city. Travelers should be aware of local traffic regulations and driving conditions, and plan their journey accordingly. Road trips to the city offer scenic views and the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside.
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Places to Visit in Rajkot

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Pradhyuman Zoological Park, Rajkot, Gujaratstar-img4.4 (9,084)
Discover the expansive Pradhyuman Zoological Park, also known as Pradhyuman\/Rajkot Prani Sanghralaya, near Lalpari Lake in Rajkot, Gujarat. Covering 137 acres, this popular picnic destination is frequented by both locals and tourists, offering a scenic escape and a chance to explore the park's dive...
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Funworld, Rajkotstar-img4.3 (7,818)
Funworld, located in the city of Rajkot, is the first amusement park in Gujarat, established in 1986. This modern park aims to provide entertainment for visitors of all ages, offering a variety of unique rides and activities in a safe and controlled environment. Visitors can participate in interacti...
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Swaminarayan Mandirstar-img4.6 (6,355)
Located on Kalawad Road, just 4 km from Rajkot Junction, the Swaminarayan Mandir is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. Renowned for its architectural brilliance, this temple, also known as BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, is a top tourist attraction in Gujarat. Established in 1998 by BA...
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Jubilee Garden, Rajkot, Gujaratstar-img4.1 (5,469)
Jubilee Garden, located in the bustling city of Rajkot, is a serene oasis in the heart of Lohana Para. This open garden offers expansive green lawns, making it an ideal spot for family picnics and outings with friends. The garden also features a museum, auditorium, Lang Library, and a few amusement ...
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Gandhi Museum, Rajkotstar-img4.5 (5,270)
The Gandhi Museum, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Museum, is a must-see attraction in Rajkot, Gujarat. This museum is dedicated to documenting the life and work of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, an Indian activist who played a pivotal role in the country's fight for independence from British rule. With 3...
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Things to do in Rajkot

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Explore Bal Bhavan at Racecourse Ground
00 A.M., providing a peaceful escape from the city. The best time to visit is during the months of June to October when Rajkot experiences rainfall, creating a serene and lush environment.
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Hike and Explore Analgadh Hill
Embark on a thrilling adventure at Analgadh Hill, located just 17 km from Gondal city near Rajkot. This small hillock offers a perfect weekend escape from the city hustle, with breathtaking views of the valley and picturesque surroundings. Explore the ancient Hindu temple on the hill, a revered site...
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Explore Rashtriya Shala Institute
Head to the Rashtriya Shala Institute on Dr Yagnik Rd in Rajkot, Gujarat. Established in 1921 on a sprawling 66-acre land donated by Shri Lakhajiraj, the institute is closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi and the Non Cooperation Movement. Delve into the life and times of Gandhi, along with artifact...
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Experience Funworld Amusement Park in Rajkot, Gujarat
Step into the first-ever amusement park in Gujarat, Funworld, located in the vibrant city of Rajkot. Opened to the public in 1986, this modern park aims to transport visitors to a different dimension, offering entertainment for all ages in a safe and controlled environment. From thrilling rides to i...
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Explore Rotary Dolls Museum
Discover the captivating Rotary Dolls Museum in Rajkot, Gujarat, featuring a diverse collection of over 1600 dolls from 102 countries. Each doll showcases unique apparel and traditions, offering an engaging way to learn about different cultures. The museum also presents a Cinematheque screening docu...
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Best Time to Visit Rajkot

The best time to visit Rajkot is during the winter months, from November to February, when the weather is pleasantly cool and ideal for exploring the city's attractions and indulging in local experiences. Avoid visiting during the monsoon season, from June to September, as heavy rainfall may disrupt travel plans and outdoor activities.

FAQs on Rajkot

What is the best time to visit Rajkot?
The best time to visit Rajkot is from November to March, during the winter season when the city experiences blissfully cold temperatures.
What is the local food in Rajkot?
Rajkot's cuisine is reminiscent of a complete Gujarati meal, featuring a variety of dishes such as Thali, Khichdi, mango-based items in summer, and desserts like Basundi, Shrikhand, and Malpua. Farsan, including Dhokla and Fafda, is a staple in Rajkot.
What are the top things to do in Rajkot?
Top things to do in Rajkot include visiting Khambhalida Caves, Kaba Gandhi no Delo, Pradhyuman Zoological Park, Ranjit Vilas Palace, Gondal, and Jagat Mandir.
What are the places near Rajkot?
Places near Rajkot include Girnar (91 km), Gir National Park (129 km), Somnath (161 km), Bhuj (156 km), and Porbandar (141 km).