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Agnitheertham is one of the 64 sacred baths in Rameshwaram, and it holds significant importance among the Hindus. The word 'agni' in Sanskrit means fire, and 'theertham' means holy water. Located on the beach side of Sri Ramanathaswamy temple, Agnitheertham is the only theertham situated outside the temple complex. It receives a large number of tourists each day, who come to offer prayers to the deity and atone their sins by taking a dip in the holy waters. Mentioned in ancient texts and mythological legends, Agnitheertham is a pilgrimage site of great historical and religious significance.

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FAQs on Agnitheertham in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

What is Agnitheertham in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu?
Agnitheertham is a sacred bath located on the beach side of Sri Ramanathaswamy temple, known for its historical and religious significance. It is believed to be one of the 64 sacred baths in Rameshwaram, where visitors come to offer prayers and cleanse their sins by taking a dip in the holy waters.
What are people saying about Agnitheertham?
Visitors have described Agnitheertham as a peaceful and devotional place near Rameswaram temple. Some reviews mention the cleanliness of the sea and the availability of facilities for bathing. However, there are also concerns raised about cleanliness and management issues at the beach.
How can one experience Agnitheertham and the surrounding area?
To fully experience Agnitheertham and its surroundings, visitors can start with a bath in the clean and maintained sea at Agnitheertham. Afterward, they can explore the 22 wells near Rameshwaram temple for further purification. The area offers opportunities for peaceful walks, temple visits, boat rides, and enjoying the sunrise and sunset.
What is the significance of Agnitheertham for Hindu devotees?
For Hindu devotees, Agnitheertham holds immense religious importance as a holy place where one can cleanse themselves of sins. It is believed that taking a bath in Agnitheertham before visiting the Rameshwaram temple is a sacred ritual that helps in spiritual purification.
How accessible is Agnitheertham from the Rameshwaram temple?
Agnitheertham is conveniently located just 200 meters from the Rameshwaram temple, and visitors can easily reach it by foot as vehicles are not allowed in the immediate vicinity. The close proximity makes it a convenient and must-visit destination for those exploring the temple town.