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Nestled near the picturesque Emerald Lake, Anna Park in Yercaud comprises four delightful smaller parks - Lake Park, Deer Park, Gandhi Park, and Children's Park, all open to the public. This park boasts a diverse collection of native plant species found around the Shevaroy hills, offering a serene setting for nature enthusiasts. During the summer months, visitors can delight in vibrant flower shows, adding a burst of color to the landscape. The park also features a captivating Japanese garden, meticulously designed and cultivated in traditional Japanese style, providing an enchanting experience for all. With its well-maintained grounds and ample opportunities for leisure and exploration, Anna Park is a must-visit destination in Yercaud.

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FAQs on Anna Park, Yercaud

What are the main attractions at Anna Park, Yercaud?
Anna Park in Yercaud offers four smaller parks - Lake Park, Deer Park, Gandhi Park, and Children's Park, all situated near the scenic Emerald Lake. Visitors can enjoy a diverse collection of native plant species from the Shevaroy hills, vibrant flower shows during summer, and a meticulously designed Japanese garden.
What facilities are available at Anna Park, Yercaud?
Facilities at Anna Park include well-maintained grounds, a nursery section, kids' entertainment games and equipment, clean restrooms, and ample picnic areas. Entry tickets are available at nominal prices.
Is Anna Park, Yercaud suitable for families with children?
Yes, Anna Park is an ideal destination for families with young kids. With well-maintained play areas, picnic spots, and a safe environment, it offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both kids and adults.
What are visitors saying about the maintenance of Anna Park, Yercaud?
Visitors have noted that Anna Park is well maintained with spotless grounds, a variety of flowers, and spacious areas for leisure activities. However, some reviews suggest the need for better cleaning of facilities and supervision in certain areas.
Are there any unique features at Anna Park, Yercaud?
One of the unique features of Anna Park is its captivating flower exhibition, especially in the evening when the lighting and water features create a magical ambiance. The park also offers a beautiful fountain, kids' play area, and a nursery section for plant enthusiasts.