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Discover the mystical beauty of Ashtapad in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh. According to popular belief, Ashtapad is said to exist in the high mountain range of the Himalayas, approximately 160 miles ahead of Badrinath. It is thought to be the place where the first Tirthankara, Bhagwan Rishabhdev, attained salvation. Maharaja Bharat Chakravarti is said to have built a palace on this spot in the Ashtapad mountains, adorned with diamonds. The Jains, in adherence to the belief that visiting Ashtapad leads to salvation, have created a replica of Ashtapad in Hastinapur. Ashtapad, meaning 'eight steps,' stands at 151 feet tall with a remarkable diameter of 108 meters. Each step's height equals the diameter, creating a breathtaking sight to behold.

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