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The Bardhaman Planetarium, inaugurated in 1994, has a unique story as it was built by a Japanese Optical Company with support from the Japanese and Indian governments. Situated at G.T Road, the planetarium showcases numerous automated models. It's an ideal destination for families, offering a blend of leisure and educational experiences.

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FAQs on Bardhaman Planetarium

What is the history behind Bardhaman Planetarium?
The Bardhaman Planetarium, established in 1994, was constructed by a Japanese Optical Company with backing from the Japanese and Indian governments. It boasts numerous automated models and offers a unique blend of leisure and educational experiences.
What can visitors expect to see at Bardhaman Planetarium?
Visitors to Bardhaman Planetarium can explore a variety of exciting activities such as interactive science demonstrations, a model of the solar system, a space-themed exhibit featuring planets and asteroids, and engaging shows on topics like the Solar System and Gravity.
Are reservations recommended for shows at Bardhaman Planetarium?
Yes, reservations are recommended for shows at Bardhaman Planetarium to secure your spot for popular presentations like 'About the Solar System' and 'Gravity.' Tickets can be purchased on the official website or on-site.
What amenities are available at Bardhaman Planetarium?
Visitors can enjoy snacks and ice cream available for purchase at the entrance, making it convenient to refuel after a day of exploration. Additionally, there is ample parking space, catering to families arriving by bikes or cars.
What makes Bardhaman Planetarium a must-visit destination?
Bardhaman Planetarium is an ideal spot for families and space enthusiasts, offering an informative English show, engaging science exhibitions, and hands-on activities. It's a perfect place to spark curiosity about astronomy and science in visitors of all ages.
What are the key attractions at Bardhaman Planetarium?
Key attractions at Bardhaman Planetarium include a science park with interactive exhibits, a well-maintained auditorium for shows, and educational workshops on topics like stargazing and astronomy. Visitors can also explore the solar system model and enjoy refreshments at the cafe.
Is Bardhaman Planetarium disabled-friendly?
Bardhaman Planetarium is average in terms of infrastructure and is not disabled-friendly. Visitors should be aware of this limitation before planning their visit.
How much are the tickets for Bardhaman Planetarium?
Tickets for Bardhaman Planetarium can be purchased online through platforms like BookMyShow and cost INR 60 for adults and INR 40 for children. Special shows are scheduled annually in December, offering a unique experience for visitors.
What educational opportunities does Bardhaman Planetarium provide?
Bardhaman Planetarium offers educational workshops, informative shows, and interactive exhibits that cater to young students and science enthusiasts. Visitors can learn about celestial objects, scientific concepts, and space exploration in an engaging and accessible manner.
Are there any specific guidelines for visiting Bardhaman Planetarium?
Visitors to Bardhaman Planetarium are encouraged to make reservations for popular shows, arrive with companions for a more enjoyable experience, and explore the various hands-on activities available in the science park. It's a great place to foster a love for science and astronomy.