Bhartrihari Temple, Alwar

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Discover the revered Bhartrihari Temple, located near Sariska National Park, just 30 kilometers from the main city of Alwar in Rajasthan. Named after the legendary ruler Bhartrihari Baba of Ujjain, this Hindu temple showcases traditional Rajasthani architecture, featuring spacious corridors, exquisite arches, and floral columns. According to legend, Bhartrihari Baba possessed magical abilities, an ...

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FAQs on Bhartrihari Temple, Alwar

What is the location of Bhartrihari Temple?
Bhartrihari Temple is situated near Sariska National Park, just 30 kilometers from the main city of Alwar in Rajasthan.
What is the significance of Bhartrihari Temple?
Bhartrihari Temple is named after the legendary ruler Bhartrihari Baba of Ujjain, known for possessing magical abilities. It is believed that any wish made at the temple will come true.
Why is Bhartrihari Temple popular among devotees?
Surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli hills, Bhartrihari Temple is a tranquil sanctuary attracting hundreds of devotees annually seeking the blessings of the Baba.
What special event takes place at Bhartrihari Temple?
An annual 'Mela' known as 'Bhartrihari Mela' is celebrated at the temple, particularly famous for the worship of Bhartrihari. It is observed on the 'Ashtami' day in the month of 'Bhadrapad' (September) after 'Amavasya' as per the Hindu calendar.
What is the legend associated with King Bhartrihari?
King Bhartrihari renounced his throne to become a disciple of Guru Gorakhnath, known for his selfless actions and spiritual journey.
What is the story of Bhartrihari's mausoleum?
The sacred mausoleum of Baba Bhartrihari is located in Chunar fort of Chunar tehsil, Mirzapur district of Vindhya mountain region, symbolizing the spiritual legacy of the revered Baba.
What can visitors expect at Bhartrihari Temple?
Visitors can experience the serene surroundings of the temple, with playful monkeys, lush greenery, and waterfalls amidst the Aravali range, offering a peaceful retreat close to nature.
Is there an entry fee for pilgrims at Bhartrihari Temple?
Entry for pilgrims at Bhartrihari Temple is free, allowing visitors to explore the temple premises without any charges.
Are there any nearby attractions to Bhartrihari Temple?
Nearby attractions to Bhartrihari Temple include Sariska Tiger Reserve, Pandupol Hanuman Temple, and Bhangarh Fort, offering a mix of natural beauty and historical significance in the vicinity.
What amenities are available around Bhartrihari Temple?
Visitors can find open parking, local shops, dhabas, and a serene ambiance around Bhartrihari Temple, offering a peaceful environment for spiritual contemplation and relaxation.