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Located at a hairpin bend on the Almora rim in Uttarakhand, Bright End Corner is renowned for its awe-inspiring views of both sunrise and sunset. Recently renamed as Vivekananda Corner, this tranquil spot also features the Vivekananda Library, a dedicated space to the revered Swami Vivekananda who spent time in the Himalayas.

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FAQs on Bright End Corner

What is Bright End Corner known for?
Bright End Corner, also known as Vivekananda Corner, is renowned for its breathtaking views of both sunrise and sunset. Visitors can also explore the Vivekananda Library dedicated to the revered Swami Vivekananda.
What are the reviews like for Bright End Corner?
Visitors have praised Bright End Corner for its serene atmosphere, well-maintained facilities, and stunning sunset views. The cafe offers a variety of seating options, including outdoor and dome-shaped indoor areas, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy a meal. Customers have particularly enjoyed the ginger lemon honey tea, non-veg thupka, and club sandwich.
What can one expect in terms of food, service, and atmosphere at Bright End Corner?
Bright End Corner offers a diverse menu with options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Customers have appreciated the quality and quantity of food, with highlights including delicious chicken momos and a cozy atmosphere perfect for enjoying the beautiful sunset views. The cafe is wheelchair accessible and kid-friendly, making it a great option for families.
Are there any recommended dishes at Bright End Corner?
Some of the recommended dishes at Bright End Corner include the ginger lemon honey tea, non-veg thupka, and club sandwich. These dishes have received high praise from customers for their taste and quality.
Is Bright End Corner a good place to visit for sunset views?
Bright End Corner is highly recommended for those seeking a picturesque spot to witness stunning sunset views. The peaceful ambiance, coupled with good food and service, makes it an ideal location for a relaxing evening.
What makes Bright End Corner stand out as a dining destination?
Bright End Corner stands out as a top dining destination due to its beautiful views of the valley, comfortable seating options, and excellent food quality. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes while taking in the serene atmosphere and enjoying the sunset.