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Discover the mesmerizing Chelavara Falls, a breathtaking natural wonder in the heart of Coorg, Karnataka. Cascading down from a towering height of 150 feet, the falls are named after a rock formation resembling a tortoise, locally known as Embepare. Originating from a small stream that is a tributary of the Kaveri River near Cheyyandane village, the falls are nestled amidst the tranquil greenery of coffee plantations, offering a spectacular sight. The best time to witness the falls in all their glory is during the monsoon season or just after, when the water levels are at their peak and the surrounding forests are lush and vibrant. Accessible via winding narrow roads, this enthralling natural marvel offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A nearby viewpoint, located approximately 2 km away, provides a stunning vantage point for panoramic views. While the falls are a perfect getaway, it's important to note that swimming is discouraged to ensure the safety of visitors.

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