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Formerly known as Nehru Park, Company Bagh is one of the oldest parks in Jalandhar, Punjab. Recently renovated, the park features a musical fountain, fancy electric lights, and a play area with slides and swings. It also houses the city's oldest clock tower and a white statue of Mahatma Gandhi. The lush green surroundings and fragrant flowers make it a popular spot for locals and tourists to relax and connect with India's history. Spread over 3 acres, the park is a favored picnic destination in Jalandhar.

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FAQs on Company Bagh

What facilities are available at Company Bagh?
Visitors can enjoy a huge Buddha statue, beautiful bridges, lush greenery, and an open-air gym. There are also public toilets for convenience.
What are the main attractions of Company Bagh?
Company Bagh features a musical fountain, fancy electric lights, a play area with slides and swings, the city's oldest clock tower, and a white statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
Why is Company Bagh a popular spot for both locals and tourists?
The lush green surroundings, fragrant flowers, and the park's historical significance make it a favored destination for relaxation and connecting with India's rich heritage.
What is the name of this picturesque park in Jalandhar, Punjab?
Company Bagh, formerly known as Nehru Park, is a historic and recently renovated park in Jalandhar.
What activities can visitors engage in at Company Bagh?
Company Bagh is ideal for walking, jogging, spending quality time with family, and enjoying the serene atmosphere. There are also various recreational facilities for children.
Are there shopping places nearby Company Bagh?
Yes, visitors can explore the nearby shopping areas to complete their experience at Company Bagh.
What do user reviews say about Company Bagh?
Visitors have praised Company Bagh for its beauty, cleanliness, and facilities. Some have highlighted the need for better maintenance of amenities like toilets.