Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai

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Situated in the midst of the bustling suburbs of Gorai in Mumbai, the Global Vipassana Pagoda stands as a serene and inviting spiritual center. This majestic meditation hall, shaped like a dome and capable of accommodating 8,000 devotees and Vipassana practitioners, overlooks the tranquil Gorai creek and the Arabian Sea. Built entirely through donations, the pagoda offers visitors the opportunity ...

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FAQs on Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai

What are the visiting hours for Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai?
The Global Vipassana Pagoda is open from 9 am to 7 pm daily.
How can I reach Global Vipassana Pagoda using public transportation?
The pagoda can be reached by bus from Mira Road, ferry from Gorai Beach, or by car. Autos are allowed till the entrance of the pagoda.
Is there parking available at Global Vipassana Pagoda, and are there any charges?
Car parking is available 700 meters ahead of the pagoda with no parking charges. Entry to the pagoda is free.
What dining options are available at Global Vipassana Pagoda?
Outside food is not allowed, but there is a canteen on-site serving vegetarian Indian, Chinese, sandwiches, snacks, tea, coffee, cool drinks, and ice creams.
What facilities are available at Global Vipassana Pagoda?
The pagoda offers a serene and peaceful environment, clean toilets, a souvenir shop, and a free audio guide accessible through a mobile app.
How can I reach Global Vipassana Pagoda from Borivali West or Bhayandar Station?
You can reach the pagoda by taking an auto or bus to Gorai Creek and then a ferry, or by taking bus route number 4 directly to the entrance gate.
What is the best time to visit Global Vipassana Pagoda?
Morning or evening is the best time to visit the pagoda for a tranquil experience.
Is there a meditation area at Global Vipassana Pagoda?
There is a designated meditation space on the 2nd floor of the North Pagoda for 10-minute meditation sessions.
Are reservations required for visiting Global Vipassana Pagoda?
Reservations are not required for visiting the pagoda.
What can I expect from a visit to Global Vipassana Pagoda?
A visit to the Global Vipassana Pagoda promises a peaceful and enlightening experience amidst beautiful architecture and serene surroundings.