Hyd Selfie Museum

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Located in Shamirpet, Hyderabad, the Hyd Selfie Museum is a groundbreaking attraction as India's first selfie museum. With over 20 interactive sets, visitors can let their imagination run wild, from the millionaire bedroom to the colorful ball pit, the beloved Barbie's box, the 19th-century London telephone booth, and the retro cassette set. Limited to 8-10 people at a time to ensure ample persona ...

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FAQs on Hyd Selfie Museum

What makes Hyd Selfie Museum unique?
Hyd Selfie Museum, located in Shamirpet, Hyderabad, stands out as India's first selfie museum. It offers over 20 interactive sets, including a millionaire bedroom, colorful ball pit, Barbie's box, 19th-century London telephone booth, and retro cassette set. Limited to 8-10 people at a time for personalized experiences, advance booking is recommended due to high demand.
What are visitors saying about the Hyd Selfie Museum?
Reviews for the Hyd Selfie Museum vary, with some praising the excellent ambiance and unique concept, while others criticize the high prices and lack of maintenance. Visitors recommend combining a visit with other activities if planning a trip due to the museum's limited number of selfie backgrounds.
Is the Hyd Selfie Museum worth the visit?
While opinions on the Hyd Selfie Museum differ, it remains a popular spot for selfie enthusiasts looking for vibrant backdrops and sets. Visitors suggest considering the cost and limited number of backgrounds before planning a trip.