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Discover the captivating Intanki National Park, located just 35km from Dimapur in Nagaland. Spread over 200 square kilometers, this sanctuary is a haven for a diverse range of wildlife including elephants, wild buffalos, the rare Hoolok gibbon, sloth bear, barking deer, black storks, and many more. Following a well-publicized dispute with PETA, the park has undergone significant improvements in an ...

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FAQs on Intanki National Park

What can visitors expect to see at Intanki National Park?
Visitors to Intanki National Park can expect to discover a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, wild buffalos, the rare Hoolok gibbon, sloth bear, barking deer, black storks, and more. The park spans 200 square kilometers and offers a captivating blend of flora and fauna.
Is Intanki National Park suitable for family outings?
Yes, Intanki National Park is now a beautifully maintained destination that is ideal for family outings. Following improvements in animal welfare, the park has become a welcoming environment for visitors of all ages.
Are there any specific requirements for visiting Intanki National Park?
Before visiting Intanki National Park, visitors are required to obtain permission from the Forest Department (DFO Wildlife) in Dimapur. It is advisable to bring along food items as there is no canteen service available within the park.
What makes Intanki National Park a tourist attraction in Nagaland?
Intanki National Park is a thick rainforest that serves as a nationalized reserve forest, making it a hotspot for biodiversity. The park shelters various birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects, offering a unique and enriching experience for tourists.
Is navigation to Intanki National Park easy?
While Intanki National Park is a great tourist attraction, visitors should be aware that Google Maps may not provide accurate directions to the park. It is advisable to plan the journey carefully to avoid any navigation challenges.
What are visitors' impressions of Intanki National Park?
Reviews of Intanki National Park vary, with some praising its diverse plant and animal life, while others feel there is room for improvement. Visitors have highlighted the helpfulness of the park staff and the scenic beauty of the area, making it a destination worth exploring.