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Jama Masjid in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, is a captivating blend of a historic monument and a revered place of worship. Situated at the heart of Burhanpur in Gandhi Chowk, it was initiated during the rule of Farooqi, but was completed under the supervision of Emperor Akbar. The mosque's two grand minarets and three round cupolas dominate the skyline, showcasing majestic artwork on its symmetric pillars, all meticulously preserved.

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FAQs on Jama Masjid, Burhanpur

What is the history behind Jama Masjid in Burhanpur?
Jama Masjid in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, is a historic monument that was initiated during the rule of Farooqi and completed under the supervision of Emperor Akbar. It features two grand minarets, three round cupolas, and intricate artwork on its pillars.
What are some unique features of Jama Masjid?
Jama Masjid is known for its black stone pillars with carvings, large courtyard, two minarets, and bilingual inscriptions in Sanskrit and Arabic. Visitors can also appreciate the Arabic and Sanskrit calligraphy work done on the stone.
What is the significance of the bilingual inscriptions at Jama Masjid?
Jama Masjid in Burhanpur is the only mosque in India with bilingual inscriptions in Sanskrit and Arabic. These inscriptions add to the historical and cultural importance of the mosque.
What is the architectural style of Jama Masjid?
Jama Masjid is a roofless mosque built in 1589 by the Faruqi ruler, Raja Ali Khan. It features intersecting symmetrical arches, 15 arches on the facade, two plain minarets, and 17 mihrab niches. The mosque's 'black stone' was sourced from Mandu.
What makes Burhanpur a historically significant city?
Burhanpur, located on the bank of the River Tapti, served as a secondary capital to the Mughals and was initially considered for the location of the Taj Mahal. The city has a rich history under various rulers and played a key role in trade routes during medieval times.
What are some other attractions near Jama Masjid in Burhanpur?
Near Jama Masjid, visitors can explore attractions like Asirgarh Fort, Shahi Qila, and Dargah-e-Hakimi. These sites offer insights into the historical architecture and cultural significance of Burhanpur.
What are visitors saying about Jama Masjid in Burhanpur?
Visitors describe Jama Masjid as a beautiful and well-conserved historical monument with amazing workmanship. They appreciate the peaceful environment, unique architecture, and the presence of bilingual inscriptions at the mosque.
What are the visiting hours and entry fees for Jama Masjid?
Jama Masjid is open 24x7 with no entry fee required. Visitors can explore the mosque at their convenience and enjoy the architectural marvels it offers.
Is parking available at Jama Masjid?
There is no parking lot available at Jama Masjid. Visitors are advised to plan their transportation accordingly when visiting the mosque.
Are reservations recommended for visiting Jama Masjid?
While reservations are not required for visiting Jama Masjid, it is recommended to check for any specific guidelines or restrictions in place during your visit to ensure a smooth experience.