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Katraj Jain Temple, located on a hillock between the Pune-Satara highway in the district of Pune, Maharashtra, exudes peace and tranquillity. Visitors are captivated by the mesmerizing view of Pune city from the temple, enhancing their sense of calmness. The temple, also known as 'Aagam Mandir', was built in the 20th century and is revered for its beauty, serenity, and its significance in Jainism ...

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FAQs on Katraj Jain Temple

What is the significance of Katraj Jain Temple?
The Katraj Jain Temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, and houses idols of all 24 Tirthankaras along with Goddess Padmavati. It holds immense spiritual significance for Jains and is a popular pilgrimage site.
What is the architecture of Katraj Jain Temple like?
The temple, built in the 20th century, features a blend of traditional and modern design. It boasts a 12-foot tall golden idol of Lord Mahavira made of Panchadhatu, surrounded by four smaller temples dedicated to other Jain deities. The intricate marble carvings and sculptures add to the architectural beauty.
What facilities are available at Katraj Jain Temple?
The temple offers a serene atmosphere ideal for meditation and reflection. There is a Bhojanshala serving simple Jain meals, and panoramic views of Pune city can be enjoyed from the hillock. Photography is not allowed inside the temple.
How can I plan my visit to Katraj Jain Temple?
You can find more details and photos on websites like Tripadvisor and Holidify. Google Maps will help you locate the temple. The temple is open all days of the week with specific timings for darshan.
What can visitors expect at Katraj Jain Temple?
Visitors can expect a beautifully crafted and decorated temple with a peaceful and silent ambiance. The temple is well-maintained, offering a positive spiritual experience. There are multiple temples inside the premises, including Pavapuri Jal Mandir.
Is Katraj Jain Temple suitable for devotees and travelers alike?
Katraj Jain Temple is a place of profound spirituality where devotees can connect with their inner selves. It also offers a unique cultural experience for travelers seeking serenity and architectural marvels. Whether you seek solace or a cultural exploration, this serene oasis of tranquility is a must-visit destination.