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Nestled in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, the Kavala Caves are a network of limestone caves inhabited by various species such as snakes and bats. The main highlight of this site is the Shiva stalagmite. Located in Dandeli, Karnataka, these caves, with their intricate tunnels and 375 entrance steps, were created by volcanic activities. The impressive stalagmite within the caves is a signif ...

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Kavala Caves

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FAQs on Kavala Caves

What is the main highlight of Kavala Caves?
The main highlight of Kavala Caves is the Shiva stalagmite, which is a significant draw for devotees of Shiva.
Where are Kavala Caves located?
Kavala Caves are nestled in the lush greenery of the Western Ghats in Dandeli, Karnataka.
What species can be found in the Kavala Caves?
The Kavala Caves are inhabited by various species such as snakes and bats.
What is the experience like when visiting Kavala Caves?
Visitors to Kavala Caves can expect an adventurous experience with intricate tunnels, a 375-step entrance, and a naturally formed Shiva Linga.
When is Kavala Caves open for visitors?
Kavala Caves are open for visitors only on Mahashivaratri day, providing a unique opportunity for devotees to take darshan and blessings of Shiva.
How can visitors reach Kavala Caves?
Visitors can reach Kavala Caves through organized treks by the Karnataka Forest Dept. or jungle safari rides organized by Jungle Lodges and Resorts in Dandeli.
What amenities are available at Kavala Caves?
Upon reaching the spot, visitors can find intermittent tea and water provided, as well as the option to traverse the caves with candles to view the stalagmite rock formations.
Is Kavala Caves suitable for nature lovers?
Yes, Kavala Caves are highly recommended for trekkers and nature lovers, offering scenic views and the chance to spot wildlife such as Sambar or barking deer.
What is the significance of the Shivalinga in Kavala Caves?
The Shivalinga in Kavala Caves is about 4 feet high and has a diameter of approximately 3-4 feet, with the texture of the Linga resembling raw nuts known as Kavala in Kannada.
What is the annual event associated with Kavala Caves?
Kavala Caves are opened once a year, specifically on Mahashivaratri, attracting a large number of devotees to seek blessings at this sacred site.