Things To do in Pauri-Garhwal


Nestled in the serene hills just 15 kilometers from Pauri Garhwal, Khirsu is a tranquil village enveloped in lush greenery and fruit orchards. Off the beaten tourist paths, this idyllic destination offers a refreshing escape from the bustling crowds, providing a perfect setting for a leisurely and rejuvenating holiday. Situated at an elevation of 1800 meters, amidst the expansive deodar and oak trees, Khirsu is a haven for those seeking solace away from the popular tourist hubs. Its unspoiled beauty and the presence of the majestic Ghandiyal Devi temple nearby make it a captivating and secluded retreat. With each passing year, more visitors are discovering the enchanting allure of Khirsu, making it an emerging destination for a peaceful and revitalizing getaway.

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