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Welcome to the newest attraction in Gulbarga, Karnataka - the Koranti Hanuman Temple. Despite being less than a century old, this temple holds great significance due to the colossal statue of the Hindu god Hanuman adorning its entrance. The impressive idol of Hanuman is flanked by two majestic elephants, and locally known as \u2018Guarantee\u2019 Hanuman for its reputation of granting wishes. Join in the vibrant celebrations of Ram Navami at this sacred site.

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FAQs on Koranti Hanuman Temple

What makes Koranti Hanuman Temple in Gulbarga, Karnataka, a must-visit attraction?
Koranti Hanuman Temple in Gulbarga is a significant site due to the colossal statue of Lord Hanuman at the entrance. The temple, less than a century old, is locally known as 'Guarantee' Hanuman for fulfilling wishes. Visitors can experience vibrant celebrations during Ram Navami at this sacred location.
What do visitors say about Koranti Hanuman Temple?
Visitors praise Koranti Hanuman Temple as a powerful and peaceful place to visit. They appreciate the positive vibes, cleanliness, and serene environment. The temple is known for granting wishes and is popular for family visits.
How is the atmosphere at Koranti Hanuman Temple, especially on Saturdays?
On Saturdays, Koranti Hanuman Temple exudes a special vibrancy as devotees gather to seek blessings. The temple is described as a powerhouse of divine energy, where the palpable sense of devotion and the aura of Lord Hanuman create an uplifting and serene environment.
What facilities can visitors expect at Koranti Hanuman Temple?
Koranti Hanuman Temple offers ample parking, a vast space surrounded by nature, and even a cow shelter home. The temple is well-maintained, with a garden for children to play. It is a peaceful and calm location ideal for spending quality time with family and friends.
Why is Koranti Hanuman Temple considered one of the best Hanuman temples in Kalaburagi?
Koranti Hanuman Temple is revered for its cleanliness, divine environment, and positive energy. Visitors appreciate the serene surroundings, the large statue of Lord Hanuman, and the spiritual ambiance that makes it a must-visit place in Gulbarga.