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Discover the stunning Kutladampatti Waterfalls, located in Cholavantha village just 30 kilometers from Madurai. Cascading from a height of 27 meters, this artificial waterfall is a beloved weekend retreat, renowned for its picturesque beauty. Visitors can revel in the sight of freshwater streams flowing over immense rocks, accompanied by a refreshing breeze and a delightful ambiance, making it a cherished local gem.

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FAQs on Kutladampatti Waterfalls

Is Kutladampatti Waterfalls currently open to visitors?
As of now, Kutladampatti Waterfalls is closed due to damages caused by a storm. Visitors are advised to enjoy the downstream water under the hills.
Can visitors bathe in the waterfall at Kutladampatti?
Bathing in the waterfall is restricted to preserve the ecological balance and protect the delicate ecosystem. However, visitors can still enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the falls.
What is the best time to visit Kutladampatti Waterfalls?
The best time to visit Kutladampatti Waterfalls is during the rainy season when the falls are at their most spectacular. It is recommended to check with locals for the current water flow status before planning a visit.
Are there any restrictions on activities at Kutladampatti Waterfalls?
While bathing is restricted at the waterfall, visitors are encouraged to appreciate the natural beauty through mindful observation. The restrictions aim to promote environmental conservation and a deeper connection with nature.
What facilities are available at Kutladampatti Waterfalls?
Kutladampatti Waterfalls offer well-laid steps and slopes for visitors to reach the falls comfortably. Separate bathing areas for men and women, as well as dressing rooms for women, are provided. The falls are maintained by Reserved Forest Officials from 9 AM to 5 PM.