Lalong Park

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Experience the serene beauty of Meghalaya at Lalong Park, renowned for its sacred groves and the picturesque Pynthorwah Valley. This tranquil park has become a sought-after tourist destination, with plans underway to develop a water eco park, aiming to transform Ialong into a prominent tourism hub within the district.

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FAQs on Lalong Park

What is Lalong Park known for?
Lalong Park is renowned for its sacred groves and the picturesque Pynthorwah Valley, offering a tranquil and serene experience for visitors.
What facilities can visitors expect at Lalong Park?
Visitors to Lalong Park can enjoy well-organised botanical spaces, paved pathways, gazebo shelters, benches, landscaping, viewpoints, and arched causeways, making it an ideal location for meditation and relaxation.
What activities are available at Lalong Park?
Lalong Park offers a range of activities such as horse riding, cycling, and ample space for children to play, surrounded by vast greenery and rivers, making it a perfect destination for families and friends.
How accessible is Lalong Park?
Lalong Park is located away from the national highway and is connected via a small route, which may not be accurately represented on maps. Despite the location, visitors can enjoy the peaceful ambiance, with the sound of birds chirping and cool breezes adding to the experience.