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Mallalli Falls is a magnificent and mesmerizing waterfall situated at the foothills of the Pushpagiri Mountains in Coorg, Karnataka. Plunging from a height of nearly 200 feet, the milky white cascade is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Easily accessible by a pleasant trek with wide concrete steps, the falls originate from the River Kumaradhara and take a deep plunge of ove ...

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FAQs on Mallalli Falls, Coorg, Karnataka, India

Are there facilities available at Mallalli Falls?
There are basic facilities available at Mallalli Falls, including parking space, washrooms, and stalls near the entrance offering snacks, drinks, and limited food items.
Is Mallalli Falls suitable for elderly visitors?
Mallalli Falls may not be advisable for elderly visitors or those with low stamina or joint pain, as there are around 600+ stairs to descend and climb, which could be challenging.
What is the best time to visit Mallalli Falls?
The best time to visit Mallalli Falls is during the Monsoon season to witness the beauty of the waterfalls with increased water flow.
How can I reach Mallalli Falls?
Mallalli Falls is located 26 kilometers from the town of Somwarpet in Coorg, Karnataka. Visitors can drive to Kalahali Road and then trek the final 2-3 kilometers to reach the falls. The falls are easily accessible by a pleasant trek with wide concrete steps.
What are some key features of Mallalli Falls?
Mallalli Falls is a magnificent waterfall plunging from a height of nearly 200 feet, originating from the River Kumaradhara. The waterfall offers picturesque views, lush greenery, and a serene experience for nature enthusiasts.
Is Mallalli Falls recommended for a visit during winter and summer?
It is not recommended to visit Mallalli Falls during winter and summer seasons as there is less water flow, and visitors may have to view the waterfall from a distance without the opportunity to step into the water.
What are the amenities available at Mallalli Falls entrance?
At the entrance of Mallalli Falls, visitors can find eatery facilities offering a range of delectable options, including snacks and drinks. These amenities provide a convenient stop for fueling up before or after exploring the falls.
Are there any restrictions at Mallalli Falls?
Visitors should note that swimming near the falls is restricted at Mallalli Falls for safety reasons. Additionally, it is advised to respect any barriers or guidelines set up for visitor safety.
What are some tips for visiting Mallalli Falls?
For a comfortable visit to Mallalli Falls, it is recommended to carry sufficient water, plan for a trek involving stairs, and visit during the Monsoon season for the best experience of the gushing water and lush greenery.
Is Mallalli Falls a dog-friendly place?
Mallalli Falls is dog-friendly, allowing visitors to bring their canine companions along. However, it is important to ensure that pets are well-behaved and do not disturb other visitors.