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Located around 45km from Chandipur, Panchalingeshwar Temple is nestled in the green belt of Nilagiri Hills. This sacred site is dedicated to five statues of Lord Shiva, situated over a perennial stream. Adventure enthusiasts will find the area ideal for trekking, with the option of an overnight stay at the Panthasala provided by the Odisha tourism department.

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FAQs on Panchalingeshwar Temple

Where is Panchalingeshwar Temple located?
Panchalingeshwar Temple is situated approximately 45km from Chandipur, amidst the lush Nilagiri Hills.
What makes Panchalingeshwar Temple a unique place to visit?
Panchalingeshwar Temple is known for its five statues of Lord Shiva placed above a perennial stream, creating a serene and spiritually significant atmosphere.
Is Panchalingeshwar Temple suitable for adventure enthusiasts?
Yes, adventure enthusiasts will find Panchalingeshwar Temple ideal for trekking, offering thrilling opportunities to explore the surrounding area.
Are there accommodation options near Panchalingeshwar Temple?
Visitors can opt for an overnight stay at Panthasala, provided by the Odisha tourism department, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience.
What is the significance of Panchalingeshwar Temple?
Panchalingeshwar Temple holds historical and religious importance, similar to the ancient temple at Govindanahalli, making it a place worth exploring.
What are visitors saying about Panchalingeshwar Temple?
A visitor described Panchalingeshwar Temple as an ancient site in need of ASI intervention, reflecting its historical value. Date of review: 2018-04-04.