Things To do in Orchha


Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is home to a stunning garden complex that beautifully showcases the aesthetic qualities of the Bundelas. The garden features multiple fountains leading to an 8-pillared palace pavilion. The intricate workings of the fountains create a mesmerizing effect, with water collecting in the Chandan Katora and then supplying droplets through the roof, resembling rainfall. This serene garden served as a summer retreat for the kings of Orchha. Additionally, it holds a special significance as it was built as a memorial for Prince Dinman Hardaul, who is revered as a hero in Bundelkhand for his tragic sacrifice to prove his innocence. The Phool Bagh, a traditional charbagh garden next to his palace, the Palaki Mahal, houses his memorial and is a lively scene where women sing songs about him, tie threads onto the memorial's jali, and make wishes as they walk around it, hoping for his blessings.

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