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Discover the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world. Located in the Morigaon District of Assam, approximately 30 km away from Guwahati, this small yet remarkable sanctuary is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Boasting a thriving population of about 130 one-horned rhinoceroses, along with wild water buffalo and an impressive array of resident and migratory bird species, it offers a captivating experience for nature lovers. As you explore the 38 sq. km. area of raw wilderness and greenery, you can also embark on excursions to nearby attractions such as the weavers' village of Sualkuchi and the pilgrimage center of Hajo. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the fascinating Assamese communities surrounding the sanctuary. While the sanctuary is a popular stopover en route to Kaziranga National Park, it stands out as a destination in its own right, offering unforgettable encounters with the rich biodiversity of the region. Note that visits are typically by one-hour jeep safari, as the sanctuary closes to visitors during the monsoon season.

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FAQs on Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

What makes Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary unique?
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary stands out for being home to the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world, offering wildlife enthusiasts a captivating experience amidst its raw wilderness and greenery.
Where is Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary located?
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Morigaon District of Assam, approximately 30 km away from Guwahati, making it easily accessible for nature lovers.
What wildlife can be seen at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Visitors to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary can expect sightings of one-horned rhinoceroses, wild water buffalo, various bird species, and other wildlife, providing a rich biodiversity experience.
How can visitors explore Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Exploration of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is typically done through one-hour jeep safaris, offering a chance to witness the sanctuary's diverse flora and fauna up close.
Is it necessary to make reservations in advance for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Yes, reservations are recommended for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, especially for activities like jeep safaris and elephant rides, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for visitors.
What amenities are available at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary provides facilities such as jeep hiring services, elephant rides, and refreshment options, making it convenient for visitors to enjoy their wildlife adventure.
What is the best way to spot wildlife at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
For a close encounter with wildlife, visitors can opt for activities like the one-hour elephant ride, offering a unique opportunity to see rhinos up close in their natural habitat.
How is the overall experience at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Visitors describe Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary as a serene and captivating destination, ideal for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Assam's biodiversity.
Are there any recommended tour operators for visiting Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
For a well-organized trip to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, consider reputable tour operators like Airgennie, who can ensure a memorable and comfortable wildlife experience.
What travel tips should visitors keep in mind for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?
Travelers are advised to pre-book entrance slots online, bring their own food, and wear appropriate gear like sunglasses and caps to enhance their experience while exploring Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.