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Discover the picturesque Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning across 130 square kilometers in Nizamabad, Telangana. Established in 1952 on the former hunting grounds of the Nizam, this sanctuary is named after the scenic Pocharam Lake, formed by the Pocharam Dam on the River Allair between 1916 and 1922. Surrounded by rolling hills, the sanctuary offers a 4.5 km trekking trail through dense fores ...

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FAQs on Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

What is the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary known for?
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Nizamabad, Telangana, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, offering visitors a tranquil escape into nature.
What activities can visitors enjoy at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary?
Visitors at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary can indulge in a 4.5 km trekking trail through dense forests, relax by the scenic Pocharam Lake, and enjoy nature walks amidst the rolling hills.
Are pets allowed at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary?
Yes, visitors can bring their pets to Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy a day of adventure with their furry companions.
What amenities are available at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary?
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary offers clean and safe waters for visitors to swim and relax, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful picnic or stargazing during new moon days.
Is Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary suitable for family outings?
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a great destination for family outings, providing a peaceful environment for spending quality time together and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.
Are there any restrictions or closures at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary?
Visitors should check for public access before planning a visit to Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, as occasional closures may occur without prior notice.