Pookode Lake

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Nestled in the evergreen forests and wooded slopes of Wayanad, Kerala, Pookode Lake is a picturesque natural freshwater lake spread across 13 acres of land and reaching a depth of forty meters. Its exotic flowers and enchanting forests draw visitors from far and wide. Accessible via a motorable road, the lake offers a perfect outing destination for families and loved ones, with activities such as ...

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FAQs on Pookode Lake

What is Pookode Lake known for?
Pookode Lake, nestled in the evergreen forests of Wayanad, Kerala, is a picturesque natural freshwater lake spread across 13 acres. It is known for its exotic flowers, enchanting forests, and activities such as boating, exploring a freshwater aquarium, and leisurely strolls.
How can visitors access Pookode Lake?
Pookode Lake is easily accessible by car, bus, auto-rickshaw, or taxi, located just 2 km from Vythiri. Visitors can reach the lake via a motorable road, making it a convenient outing destination for families and loved ones.
What activities are available at Pookode Lake?
Visitors to Pookode Lake can enjoy activities such as boating, exploring a freshwater aquarium, shopping for handicrafts, and taking leisurely strolls around the lake. The lake offers a perfect outing destination with a range of recreational options.
Are there any entry fees for Pookode Lake?
Yes, there is an entry fee of ₹40 per person for adults and ₹30 per person for kids (5-12 years old) at Pookode Lake. Additionally, boating charges range from ₹250 for 2-seater pedal boats to ₹450 for 4-seater pedal boats for a 20-minute ride.
What do visitors say about Pookode Lake?
Visitors often praise Pookode Lake for its tranquil atmosphere, scenic beauty, and opportunities for boating. Some mention the peaceful lakeside stroll, the availability of pedal boats, and the surrounding lush greenery as highlights of their experience.
Are there any other activities besides boating at Pookode Lake?
Apart from boating, visitors can engage in nature walks, birdwatching, and exploring the lush greenery and tropical forests surrounding Pookode Lake. The area offers opportunities for peaceful relaxation amidst nature in Wayanad, Kerala.
What are some common concerns or feedback about Pookode Lake?
Some reviewers mention that Pookode Lake can get crowded during peak tourist seasons, affecting its serenity. Others note maintenance issues, waiting times for boats, and the need for more seating areas and facilities, suggesting areas for improvement.
Is Pookode Lake family-friendly?
Pookode Lake is a great destination for families, offering activities like pedal boating, a play area for children, and opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones. The serene atmosphere, scenic views, and well-maintained surroundings make it ideal for family outings.
What are the popular attractions near Pookode Lake?
Near Pookode Lake, visitors can explore the lush green hills, take a walk around the lake, enjoy boating, and indulge in local delicacies like the pineapple slice dish. The serene ambiance, wildlife exhibits, and tranquil surroundings add to the charm of the destination.
Is there parking available at Pookode Lake?
Yes, there is parking available near Pookode Lake, situated around 150-300 meters from the ticket counter. Visitors can park their vehicles conveniently before entering the park, ensuring easy access to the scenic lake and its surrounding attractions.