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Discover the natural beauty of Shikhar Falls, a picturesque waterfall picnic spot located 13km from Dehradun in Kairwaan village of Raipur, Uttarakhand. Accessible after a 1 km hike through rugged terrains, the journey is adorned with shallow pools, melodious bird songs, a variety of butterflies, and wild flora, enhancing the allure of the area. It is advisable to wear comfortable, running shoes f ...

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FAQs on Shikhar Falls, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

What is the location of Shikhar Falls?
Shikhar Falls is located in Kairwaan village of Raipur, Uttarakhand, approximately 13km from Dehradun.
How can I reach Shikhar Falls?
To reach Shikhar Falls, visitors need to embark on a 1 km hike through rugged terrains, adorned with shallow pools, bird songs, butterflies, and wild flora. It is advisable to wear comfortable running shoes for this adventure.
What can visitors expect at Shikhar Falls?
Visitors can expect a picturesque waterfall picnic spot surrounded by natural beauty. The journey to the falls is a delightful experience with scenic views, making it a popular spot for photographers.
Is Shikhar Falls suitable for families with children?
Shikhar Falls is more suited for off-road trekkers and adventure enthusiasts rather than families with children. The trek involves walking around 1 km off-road, which can be slippery and challenging.
What are the best times to visit Shikhar Falls?
The best time to visit Shikhar Falls is during the monsoon season when the water volume is at its peak, creating a stunning sight. Visitors can also enjoy activities like trekking and camping in the lush green surroundings.
Are reservations required to visit Shikhar Falls?
Reservations are not required to visit Shikhar Falls. However, visitors are encouraged to follow responsible tourism practices and avoid littering or damaging the natural beauty of the area.