Shimla Ropeway Cable Car

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Experience the charm of vintage British-era architecture and breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape on the Shimla Ropeway Cable Car. Rising to 8,054 feet above sea level, this fantastic Gondola ride covers half a kilometer in just 5-6 minutes, providing a respite from the usual road congestion. The Jakhoo ropeway is one of the four major ropeway attractions in Himachal Pradesh, offering a s ...

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FAQs on Shimla Ropeway Cable Car

What is the Shimla Ropeway Cable Car?
The Shimla Ropeway Cable Car offers a fantastic Gondola ride rising to 8,054 feet above sea level, covering half a kilometer in just 5-6 minutes. It provides a safe and exhilarating journey for up to six people per cabin, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape.
What are visitors saying about the Shimla Ropeway Cable Car?
Visitors have described the Shimla Ropeway Cable Car as a must-visit place in Shimla, providing a top view of the beauty of Shimla and nearby hills. They have also praised the facility for its cleanliness and the availability of snacks at the terminal.
What is the experience like on the Jakhoo Shimla rope way?
The Jakhoo Shimla rope way offers a cool ride where visitors can go up and down on a rope for an affordable price per person. The staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey with amazing views of Shimla town. It's a fun choice for those looking for a bird's-eye view of the town.
What can be seen from the Jakhoo Temple via the ropeway?
The Jakhoo Temple via the ropeway offers very scenic views of the hill, with a beautiful and ancient temple at the top housing a swayambhu Hanuman idol. Visitors can also view a huge statue of Lord Hanuman next to the temple, visible from kilometers away.
Is it worth visiting the Jakhoo Shimla rope way?
Visitors have found the Jakhoo Shimla rope way to be a wonderful experience, offering a good view of the city and lord Hanuman's idol. The ride is quick and comfortable, providing an alternative to walking up to the temple. The ropeway station is easily accessible from the Mall Road.