Stakna Gompa

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Crossing a small, swaying bridge over the Indus River, visitors reach the Stakna Gompa, situated on the riverbanks. This serene monastery offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Hemis. Although not as grand and vibrant as other monasteries in the area, the surrounding landscapes more than compensate for it. The name 'Stakna' translates to 'tiger's nose,' inspired by the belief that the hill on which the monastery stands resembles a tiger's nose.

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FAQs on Stakna Gompa

Is there an entry fee for visiting Stakna Gompa?
There is no entry fee charged for visiting Stakna Gompa, but visitors are required to leave their shoes before entering the monastery.
What does the name 'Stakna' translate to and why?
The name 'Stakna' translates to 'tiger's nose,' inspired by the belief that the hill on which the monastery stands resembles a tiger's nose.
Where is Stakna Gompa located?
Stakna Gompa is situated on the left banks of the Indus River, offering wonderful views of the valley.
What can visitors expect to see at Stakna Gompa?
Visitors can expect to see a beautiful small monastery located on a lonely hill with spectacular views of the surrounding area, including the turquoise Indus River, Thiksey Monastery, Shey and Stok Palaces, and many villages surrounded by lush green poplar trees.
How can one reach Stakna Gompa?
Stakna Gompa can be reached by taking the detour from Karu towards Hemis, with scenic roads and a great view of the monastery from a distance.
What is the significance of the Stakna Gompa's location?
The location of Stakna Gompa, situated on a mound beside a small river, offers a spectacular view from the highway and is a treat to the eye.
What makes Stakna Gompa unique compared to other monasteries in the area?
Stakna Gompa is smaller compared to other monasteries like Hemis and Thiksey but stands out as a sacred Buddhist temple on the banks of the Indus River, offering beautiful views of the valley and surrounding mountains.
What makes the Stakna Gompa a must-visit place in Leh?
Stakna Gompa is one of the most picturesque monasteries in Ladakh, located on the Leh Manali Highway, making it a must-visit place for photography enthusiasts and those interested in Buddhist architecture and culture.
What can visitors expect to see inside Stakna Gompa?
Inside Stakna Gompa, visitors can find colorful wall paintings in the main temple, a unique square monastic format where monks reside, and significant relics and scriptures, including a sacred statue of Chenrezig.
What are some highlights of Stakna Gompa for tourists?
Stakna Gompa offers a serene and calming atmosphere, a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape near the Indus River, and an opportunity to learn about the cultural and religious heritage of Buddhism.