Things To do in North-Sikkim


Discover the captivating beauty of Thangu Valley, nestled at an altitude of approximately 3900 meters in North Sikkim. Just a two-hour drive from Lachen, this picturesque village serves as a serene retreat for travelers before embarking on treks to Gurugongmar Lake, Muguthang, or Cho Lhamu Lake. As you explore Thangu Valley, you'll be greeted by lush rows of trees and breathtaking vistas of the Tibetan Plateau. Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the tranquility of this charming town. The best time to visit is during May and June, when the valley is adorned with vibrant alpine flowers. Alternatively, the winter months from October to March transform the landscape into a snow-covered wonderland. Additionally, the village offers spectacular hiking trails to nearby attractions such as Chopta Valley and Muguthang. Notably, Thangu's proximity to the border between India and China is marked by the presence of a significant military base.

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