Tiphereth Israel Synagogue

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Located in the Kasturba Complex, Jacob Circle in Mumbai, the Tiphereth Israel Synagogue was originally established as a prayer hall in 1886. As the Jewish population grew, the need for a larger building became apparent, leading to the remodeling and consecration of the current building as a synagogue in 1923. Referred to as 'Kandlekaranchi Mashid' in the local Marathi language, in honor of the lat ...

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FAQs on Tiphereth Israel Synagogue

Where is Tiphereth Israel Synagogue located?
Tiphereth Israel Synagogue is situated in the Kasturba Complex, Jacob Circle in Mumbai.
What is the history behind Tiphereth Israel Synagogue?
Originally established as a prayer hall in 1886, the synagogue was remodeled and consecrated in 1923 to cater to the growing Jewish population. It is also known as 'Kandlekaranchi Mashid' in Marathi, honoring the late Mr. Aaron Benjamin Kandlekar.
How is the ambiance of Tiphereth Israel Synagogue described?
Visitors often praise the synagogue for its beauty and serenity. While it may be a bit challenging to locate through Google Maps, locals refer to it as the 'Jew Temple' and are usually helpful in guiding visitors to the entrance.
What activities take place at Tiphereth Israel Synagogue?
The synagogue serves as an active center of worship, hosting regular prayer meets and daily Sabbaths for a dedicated group of devotees.