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Upli Burj, built in the 16th century by Hyder Khan, is a striking watchtower standing at a height of 24 meters. Adorned with two massive cannons at the top, it provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the city below, offering visitors a unique perspective of Bijapur.

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FAQs on Upli Burj, Bijapur, Karnataka

What is Upli Burj in Bijapur, Karnataka?
Upli Burj is a 16th-century watchtower built by Hyder Khan, standing at a height of 24 meters. It offers a panoramic view of Bijapur and is adorned with two massive cannons at the top.
What historical significance does Upli Burj hold?
Upli Burj is a historic monument built under the Adil Shah dynasty, serving as a defensive tower and a key part of the old fortification walls of Bijapur.
What can visitors expect when climbing Upli Burj?
Climbing Upli Burj involves navigating steep circular steps around the tower. At the top, visitors are rewarded with commanding views of the city and can marvel at the two large cannons stationed there.
Is Upli Burj worth visiting in Bijapur?
Upli Burj is a must-visit destination in Bijapur, offering a glimpse into history, architectural beauty, and stunning city views. The experience of climbing the tower and witnessing the cannons at the top is truly unique.
How does Upli Burj contribute to Bijapur's heritage?
Upli Burj, also known as Hyder Burj, is a symbol of Bijapur's military defense history. Built by Hyder Khan, this spherical watchtower with winding stone steps and two prominent guns on top stands as a testament to the city's past.