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Wanla is a sub-monastery of Lamayuru, overseen by a caretaker monk who performs daily rituals and grants access to the temple. The main image at Wanla features Avalokitesvara in the 11-headed form known as 'Chuchigzhel,' making it a must-see for visitors seeking spiritual and cultural experiences in the region.

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FAQs on Wanla Sub-monastery

What is Wanla Sub-monastery?
Wanla Sub-monastery is a sacred site located in the vicinity of Lamayuru. It is maintained by a resident monk who conducts daily rituals and grants visitors access to the temple.
What is the significance of the main image at Wanla Sub-monastery?
The main image at Wanla Sub-monastery is of Avalokitesvara in the 11-headed form known as 'Chuchigzhel.' This unique depiction makes it a must-see destination for those interested in spiritual and cultural experiences.
What are visitors saying about Wanla Sub-monastery?
Visitors have described Wanla Sub-monastery as a 1000+ years old stone temple that offers a serene and captivating experience. Many have noted the peaceful atmosphere and the friendly demeanor of the resident monk who is fluent in English.