Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Maharashtra's Coastal Gem

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Ratnagiri, located in the South Konkan region of Maharashtra, Western India, is a fantastic vacation spot that offers a blend of historical sites, religious landmarks, beautiful beaches, and delightful cuisine. The city boasts a rich history, with notable landmarks such as Jaigad Fort, Purangad Fort, Thiba Palace, Malgund, Shivasmarth Gad, and Ratnadurg Fort. Ratnagiri is also renowned for its mouthwatering fish curries and the delectable Alphonso mango pulp served in its most famous eateries. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, Ratnagiri offers a rejuvenating experience with its hills, sea shores, creeks, rivers, hot water springs, forests, and waterfalls. It is a dream destination for travelers, featuring the majestic Sahyadri range, the Arabian Sea with pristine white beaches, cascading waterfalls, hot water springs, palm groves, and majestic monuments. Additionally, Ratnagiri is known as the birthplace of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a prominent figure in Indian history. This gem of the Konkan region is a sprawling district comprising several charming villages and towns, making it an ideal weekend getaway from Maharashtra's bustling cities, including Mumbai.
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How to Reach Ratnagiri

To get to the city, one must first determine the mode of transportation to be used, such as car, train, or airplane. Next, it is important to plan the route and consider any necessary stops for rest or refueling. Additionally, it is crucial to be aware of any traffic or weather conditions that may affect the journey. Finally, it is essential to follow the designated route and arrive at the destination safely.
  • By Air : To reach the city by air, travelers can book a flight to the nearest airport, which is located just a short drive from the city center. Several major airlines operate regular flights to and from this airport, offering convenient connections to various domestic and international destinations. Upon arrival, visitors can easily access the city center from the airport via taxi, public transportation, or rental car services.
  • By Train : To reach the city by train, travelers can take advantage of the extensive rail network that connects the city to various destinations. The city is well-served by frequent and reliable train services, making it an efficient and convenient mode of transportation. Visitors can easily access the city by train from neighboring towns and major cities, providing a scenic and comfortable journey. Upon arrival at the city's train station, travelers will find convenient connections to local transportation options, allowing for seamless exploration of the city and its surrounding areas.
  • By Road : To reach the city by road, travelers can take the main highway that connects the city to the neighboring towns and major cities. The road is well-maintained and offers a scenic drive through the countryside. Travelers can also opt for bus services that operate regular routes to and from the city, providing a convenient and affordable way to reach the destination by road. Car rental services are also available for those who prefer the flexibility of driving themselves. Additionally, the city is easily accessible by road from the nearby airports, with well-marked routes and ample parking facilities upon arrival.
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Places to Visit in Ratnagiri

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Ratnadurg Fort Templestar-img4.5 (4,788)
Perched within the grand Ratnadurg fort, the Ratnadurg Fort Temple stands as one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra. It is adorned with unique sculptures of deities like 'veer vignesh' and 'ashtadashbhuj'. During the Navratri festival, the temple draws a large gathering of devotees. Set against th...
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Ratnadurg Fort, Ratnagiri, Maharashtrastar-img4.5 (4,788)
Ratnadurg Fort in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, is a horseshoe-shaped structure surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. Covering an area of 120 acres, it was once a stronghold of the Maratha empire before being occupied by the Mughals. The fort offers a stunning view of the sunset and the Arabian Se...
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Ratnadurg Fort, Ratnagiri, Maharashtrastar-img4.5 (4,788)
Perched on the Ratnagiri jetty overlooking Mandavi beach, Ratnadurg Fort is a captivating structure with a sloped roof. Believed to be a defensive masterpiece built by Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar, the fort offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll alon...
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Thibaw Point, Ratnagiri, Maharashtrastar-img4.3 (3,495)
Perched on the edge of a hill, Thibaw Point boasts the striking Thibaw Palace, which served as the exile residence for the king of Burma (Myanmar). Offering a captivating view of the Arabian Sea at sunset, this location is a popular attraction for visitors seeking a picturesque setting for picnics.
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Marine Museum, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Goastar-img4.1 (3,141)
The Marine Museum in Ratnagiri, established in 1985 by the Marine Biological Research Station, is renowned for its collection of sea creatures including the Sea horse fish, Lion fish, Trigger fish, Sea turtles, Star fish, Lobsters, and sea snakes. Visitors can also explore the separate freshwater aq...
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Things to do in Ratnagiri

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Visit Ganeshgule Beach
Escape the city and immerse yourself in nature at Ganeshgule Beach, a peaceful and secluded spot in Ratnagiri. Located on the outskirts of the city, this tranquil beach offers a perfect setting for a calming walk and romantic evenings, with stunning panoramic views of beautiful sunsets.
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Visit Velneshwar Beach
Explore the picturesque Velneshwar village in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, and discover the renowned temple of Lord Shiva. The village boasts a stunning crescent-shaped beach, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Don't miss the Maha Shivratri Festival in March, a vibrant celebration dedicated to...
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Visit Pawas, the Memorial of Swarupanand Swami
Experience the spiritual significance of Pawas, located just 20 km from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Goa. Pawas is the place where Swarupanand Swami, affectionately known as 'Appa' or 'Rambhau', took his samadhi. Swami's original name was Ramchandra, and he resided in Pawas for 40 years before undertaking...
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Visit Kavi Keshavsoot's Home
Discover the tranquil village of Malgund in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, where you can visit the former home of the renowned Marathi poet, Kavi Keshavsoot. This historic house has been transformed into a student hostel and is open for exploration. Additionally, the village is home to a memorial dedicated...
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Explore Jaigad Fort
Step back in time as you explore Jaigad Fort, also known as the Fort of Victory, in the coastal region of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. This 16th-century marvel, perched on a cliff overlooking the Jaigad creek and the Arabian Sea, offers a glimpse into the strategic coastal defense system of ancient India...
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Best Time to Visit Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is an all-year-round destination, offering pleasant weather and refreshing sea breezes, making it an ideal retreat for travelers seeking a tranquil escape. The peak tourist season in Ratnagiri spans from October to February, characterized by moderate temperatures and clear skies, perfect for exploring the city's beaches, water sports, and historic forts. The months of March to May mark the moderate season, attracting visitors with its warm weather and vibrant festivals. From June to September, Ratnagiri experiences the off-season, providing a quieter atmosphere for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Read Less

FAQs on Ratnagiri

What are the best places to visit in Ratnagiri?
The most loved attractions in Ratnagiri are Jaigad Lighthouse, Guhagar Beach and Ganeshgule Beach.
What are the things that you should not miss out on when you are in Ratnagiri?
If you are a true traveller, you should definitely not miss out on Offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, Squeaky clean beach, and Offering stunning sunrises and sunsets when you are in Ratnagiri to make a funfilled vacay.
How is the weather of Ratnagiri in peak season?
The weather of Ratnagiri in peak season is pleasant weather with sea breezes in the evening. It means you can easily plan a trip in this season for maximum fun during this season.
What are the famous beaches to visit in Ratnagiri?
Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is the place to go if sightseeing is your thing. This one-of-a-kind port city is home to a wide variety of tourist places in Ratnagiri, from ancient ruins to beautiful parks and stunning Ratnagiri beach sites. Some of the famous beaches to visit in Ratnagiri are Aarre-Warre beaches, Bhatye beach, Pawas, Velas Beach, Mirkarwada beach, Mandavi beach, and Ganapatipule beach.
Is Ratnagiri a family holiday destination?
Ratnagiri Maharashtra is a port city in the state's Konkan area. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a campaigner for Indian independence, was born there. Many families travel here because it is known for its Alphonso mangoes and Kokum as well as the incredible places to visit in Ratnagiri.
What is the best time to visit Ratnagiri?
The weather in Ratnagiri begins to get cool here in October, and it stays that way all the way into March. The season adds to the already stunning natural scenery. Vacationers may rest confident that the area is lovely and full of opportunities for exploration and enjoyment of places in Ratnagiri.
What are some exotic stays in Ratnagiri?
Some of the most exotic stays in Ratnagiri are Hotel Mathura Executive, Vrindavan Rooms, Shree Ramkrishna Anandvan, Mango Valley Resort Gantipule, Sangam Regency, Hotel Sea Fans, and Kohinoor Samudra Beach Resort.
What is famous about Ratnagiri?
Scenic beauty. Mesmerising beaches. Known for the delicious Alphonso mangoes.
What is not so good about Ratnagiri?
Summers can be harsh. Water sports may not be available on all seven days of the week.
Who should visit Ratnagiri?
Ratnagiri is a great getaway for nature lovers and people living in and around Maharashtra. Since it is a combination of a beach town, religious place and historical place, it can be visited by almost anyone.
What is the best time to visit Ratnagiri?
October to March are the best months to visit Ratnagiri. The weather remains favourable for sightseeing during winter. Summers from March to June are scorching with humidity that forces you to carry ample sun protection gears. Although summer is off-season and the mango season, the weather is unbearable leaving no option to do anything in and around Ratnagiri. However, if you enjoy mangoes, then this is the season for Alphonso mangoes. Monsoons aren't an excellent time for sightseeing, but Ratnagiri during the rains is a sight to behold.
What is the local food in Ratnagiri?
Ratnagiri's cuisine popular for the evident Konkani influence that it carries. You can flatter your appetite with the rich fish curry and Kokam curry. Also Konkan style of making fish is quite different and would be good to try. So would be the Kombdi Vade, a konkani dish made of chicken and rice dumplings. The other treasures of the cuisine here include Alphonso mangoes, Cashews, Amboli, Sandan and different types of Sharbhats including the special Kokam sharbat, Amba Panna and Shahalyache Paani which might be some of the most delicious and unique beverages you ever taste. Along with this are the other delicacies like Ambapoli, Solkhandi, Mori Masala curry or Shark Curry and Mavani Mutton curry and more. Apart from this traditional Maharashtrian food can be enjoyed at a number of restaurants along with Modak a popular sweet.
What is the best way to reach Ratnagiri?
Ratnagiri is connected by road to Mumbai, Madgaon, Mangalore, Udupi, Cochin, Karwar by NH17 and these places are connected by direct flights via Delhi and Jaipur. So you can use both, public and private transport. It is also connected by Konkan railway, making it the most important station.
What are the things to do in Ratnagiri?
The top things to do in Ratnagiri are Jaigad Fort, Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, Jaigad Lighthouse, Ganapatipule Beach, Thibaw point, Pawas. You can see all the places to visit in Ratnagiri here.
What are the places near Ratnagiri?
The top places near to Ratnagiri are Ganapatipule which is 18 km from Ratnagiri, Goa which is located 174 km from Ratnagiri, Chiplun which is located 63 km from Ratnagiri, Kunkeshwar which is located 73 km from Ratnagiri, Mahabaleshwar which is located 109 km from Ratnagiri