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Perched on the top of a cliff, the Badami Fort is a historic fortress that dates back to the 6th century. Originally built by the Chalukya Dynasty, it has undergone renovations and modifications by various rulers over the centuries. The fort is accompanied by two Shivalaya complexes dating back to the 5th century, as well as a 16th-century and a 14th-century watchtower, all situated atop the hill. Located 500 meters away from the Badami Bus Stand, the fort served as the Chalukyan capital from 540 AD to 757 AD until it was destroyed by the Pallavas in 642 AD. Rebuilt by Tipu Sultan during his reign, the fort features double-fortification walls, granary chambers, and other fortifications. The entrance is adorned with a statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva's bull, and the premises also houses a large cannon. Visitors can enjoy magnificent views of the entire city from the fort.

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Badami Fort

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