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Experience pure tranquility at Buddha Vihar, a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site nestled within Gulbarga University in the city of Gulbarga, also known as Kalaburagi. Constructed in traditional Indian Buddhist styles, this monument stands as a shrine promoting non-violence and world peace. Formally inaugurated by the spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama, Buddha Vihar is a haven for those seeking peace and quiet. Keep in mind that the site is closed between 12 noon and 4:00 PM every day.

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FAQs on Buddha Vihar, Gulbarga, Karnataka

What is Buddha Vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka?
Buddha Vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka, is a serene Buddhist pilgrimage site located within Gulbarga University. It is a monument constructed in traditional Indian Buddhist styles, promoting non-violence and world peace. The site offers a peaceful environment for meditation and reflection, with specific visiting hours from 4:00 PM to 12 noon daily.
What are visitors saying about Buddha Vihar?
Visitors have described Buddha Vihar as a beautiful and well-maintained place ideal for meditation. The serene ambiance, strict no-photography policy inside, and the presence of a peaceful meditation hall have been highlighted. Guests appreciate the tranquility and the calming presence of the Buddha statue on the premises.
Is photography allowed inside Buddha Vihar?
Photography and videography are not permitted inside Buddha Vihar to maintain the peaceful atmosphere and respect the sanctity of the place. Visitors are requested to maintain silence during their visit and refrain from capturing images inside the temple.
What facilities are available at Buddha Vihar?
Buddha Vihar offers parking facilities and is accessible by city buses. While there are a couple of shops on-site, there are no ATMs available. Visitors can enjoy the wide and peaceful garden area, along with the serene meditation hall for quiet reflection.
When is the best time to visit Buddha Vihar?
Weekdays are recommended for a visit to Buddha Vihar to experience the peace and tranquility without long waits. The site is perfect for meditation and relaxation, providing a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
What is the historical significance of Buddha Vihar?
Buddha Vihar holds historical and spiritual significance as a place promoting the teachings of Lord Buddha. The temple provides a serene environment for visitors to meditate and reflect, following the principles of non-violence and inner peace.