Hasanamba Temple

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Located in Hassan, Karnataka, the Hasanamba Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, whose idol is an anthill. Accessible to worshippers for two weeks leading up to Diwali, the temple is a place of devotion and offerings. Worshippers commonly offer raw rice and light a lamp even after the temple has closed for the day. Legend has it that the rice never spoils and the lamp continues to burn until the temple opens again the following year.

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FAQs on Hasanamba Temple

What is the Hasanamba Temple?
The Hasanamba Temple, located in Hassan, Karnataka, is dedicated to Goddess Shakti with an idol placed in an anthill. It opens for worship for two weeks leading up to Diwali, offering a place of devotion and offerings like raw rice and lamps that burn continuously.
What can visitors expect at Hasanamba Temple?
Visitors can expect a divinely beautiful temple with a rich history and myths surrounding it. The temple houses three main deities - Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, and Hasanamba. During Diwali, the temple is adorned with lights and decorations, creating a festive atmosphere.
What are the timings and crowd situation at Hasanamba Temple?
Hasanamba Temple opens only for 10-15 days during Diwali, attracting large crowds. The waiting time can range from 1 hour or more, with options for quicker darshan by purchasing tickets at different price points. Reservation is recommended to avoid long waits.
Are there any facilities for devotees at Hasanamba Temple?
The temple provides basic facilities like drinking water and snacks for devotees waiting in queues. However, there have been concerns about cleanliness and crowd management. Visitors are advised to reach early in the morning for a faster darshan experience.
What are the common reviews about Hasanamba Temple?
Reviews mention the temple's historical significance, limited opening days during Diwali, and the challenges of managing large crowds. Some visitors have expressed disappointment with the management's focus on VIP entries, leading to longer wait times for general devotees.