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Discover the breathtaking Kozhippara Falls, situated on the border of Kakkadampoyil on the Malappuram-Calicut District divide in Kerala. Accessible by road, these falls offer a stunning sight and are renowned for swimming, bird watching, and jungle trekking. Also known as Kakkadampoyil Waterfall, it is located in the scenic area of Kuthradampuzha river.

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FAQs on Kozhippara Falls

What is Kozhippara Falls?
Kozhippara Falls is a stunning natural attraction located on the border of Kakkadampoyil in the Malappuram-Calicut District of Kerala. Also known as Kakkadampoyil Waterfall, it offers a breathtaking sight and is popular for activities like swimming, bird watching, and jungle trekking.
What can visitors expect at Kozhippara Falls?
Visitors to Kozhippara Falls can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kuthradampuzha river area. The falls are ideal for activities such as swimming, trekking, and bird watching, offering a serene escape into nature.
What are some reviews of Kozhippara Falls?
User reviews of Kozhippara Falls mention varying experiences, from disappointment due to limited attractions and restrictions on water access to appreciation for the natural beauty and peaceful environment. Some visitors recommend visiting during specific seasons for a better experience.
Is Kozhippara Falls worth a visit?
Whether Kozhippara Falls is worth visiting depends on individual preferences. Some visitors have found it to be a beautiful spot for relaxation and nature appreciation, while others have expressed disappointment with the limited amenities and high entrance fee.
What activities are available at Kozhippara Falls?
Activities at Kozhippara Falls include swimming, trekking, bird watching, and enjoying the natural surroundings. Visitors can also opt for jeep safari tours to explore the surrounding area further.
Are there any safety measures in place at Kozhippara Falls?
Kozhippara Falls features safety rails for added security, making it a safe environment for visitors to enjoy nature responsibly. Additionally, the area is designated as a plastic-free zone to promote environmental conservation.