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Discover the charm of Kurumgad Island, also known as Karamdhar Island, situated off the coast of Karwar in Karnataka, India. Nestled within the Western Ghats, this small island beckons adventure enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike. Accessible by boat from the mainland, the island is inhabited by a small community of fishermen. Visitors can partake in a range of water sports including snorkeli ...

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FAQs on Kurumgad Island

What is Kurumgad Island known for?
Kurumgad Island, also known as Karamdhar Island, is a charming destination located off the coast of Karwar in Karnataka, India. It is renowned for its adventure sports, serene environment, and the revered Narasimha temple.
How can visitors reach Kurumgad Island?
Visitors can access Kurumgad Island by taking a boat from the mainland, offering a scenic journey to this picturesque destination.
What activities are available on Kurumgad Island?
Kurumgad Island offers a range of activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and exploring the historic deserted lighthouse, making it a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
What are some highlights of Kurumgad Island?
Some key highlights of Kurumgad Island include its breathtaking natural beauty, friendly locals, cozy cottages with stunning views, and the annual Narasimha Jatre festival that attracts devotees and tourists alike.
Is Kurumgad Island safe to visit during the annual fair?
While the annual fair on Kurumgad Island can be crowded, visitors should exercise caution, especially during high tide. It is advisable to be mindful of safety measures and be prepared for the hustle and bustle during this time.
What is the significance of the Narasimha temple on Kurumgad Island?
The Narasimha temple on Kurumgad Island holds religious importance as a worshipping site dedicated to Lord Vishnu's incarnation as Narasimha. Visitors can experience spiritual tranquility and reverence at this sacred location.
Are there any accommodation options on Kurumgad Island?
While there are limited accommodation options, visitors can enjoy a stay at the Cintacor Island Resort, known for its top-class amenities and perfect for a memorable family vacation on this beautiful island.
What transportation options are available to reach Kurumgad Island?
Accessing Kurumgad Island via boat is the primary mode of transportation, with boats departing from the Kali garden area. Visitors should plan their journey in advance as detailed transport information may not be readily available.
What are some popular attractions near Kurumgad Island?
Kurumgad Island is surrounded by natural wonders including small beaches, rock formations, and lush forested hills, creating a serene and captivating environment for visitors to explore and enjoy.
Is Kurumgad Island a must-visit destination?
Kurumgad Island is highly recommended for its natural beauty, peaceful ambiance, and array of activities, making it a perfect getaway for those seeking a blend of adventure and tranquility in a picturesque setting.