Raja Dinkar Museum

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The Raja Dinkar Museum, located in Pune, Maharashtra, is a three-storey museum established by Baba Dinkar Kelkar in memory of his son. It houses a remarkable collection of over 15,000 objects, including sculptures, musical instruments, weapons, paintings, Mughal lamps, nutcrackers, Ganpati's guns, pottery, and paintings depicting scenes from the Ramayana. The museum, managed by the Department of A ...

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FAQs on Raja Dinkar Museum

What is the Raja Dinkar Museum known for?
The Raja Dinkar Museum in Pune, Maharashtra, is renowned for its impressive collection of over 15,000 objects, including sculptures, musical instruments, weapons, paintings, pottery, and more, showcasing Indian daily life items and historical artifacts.
What can visitors expect to see at the Raja Dinkar Museum?
Visitors can explore three floors of the museum, featuring old utensils, clothes, artifacts, ornaments, decorative doors, windows, and war equipment from the Maratha and Peshwa era. The museum offers a diverse range of exhibits spanning the last three hundred years.
What is the ticket price for the Raja Dinkar Museum?
The ticket price for adults is Rs. 100 and for children is Rs. 30. Additionally, there is an extra charge of Rs. 100 for photography.
What makes the Raja Dinkar Museum a must-visit?
The Raja Dinkar Museum is a cultural gem that provides a captivating journey through India's rich history. With its diverse collection of artifacts, intricate sculptures, and ancient musical instruments, the museum appeals to history and art enthusiasts alike.
How long does it take to explore the Raja Dinkar Museum?
Allow yourself around 1.5 to 2 hours to fully appreciate and explore all the sections of the museum. Taking time to read the details of the artifacts and observe them at your own pace enhances the value of the experience.
Is photography allowed in the Raja Dinkar Museum?
While photography is permitted, there is an additional charge of Rs. 100 for photography passes. Visitors can capture the beauty of the museum's artifacts and displays for personal enjoyment.
What is the history behind the Raja Dinkar Museum?
The museum stands as a tribute to Raja Dinkar Kelkar's deep appreciation of India's heritage. His personal collection of artifacts forms the nucleus of the museum, showcasing his dedication to preserving India's cultural legacy.
Are there any parking facilities available at the Raja Dinkar Museum?
Parking can be a bit difficult at the museum. It is recommended to use local auto-rickshaws for transportation to avoid parking challenges.
Is the Raja Dinkar Museum suitable for families with children?
The museum offers a rich educational experience for kids, with a diverse range of artifacts spanning centuries. It is a recommended destination for families looking to explore India's past history and culture.
What is the unique feature of the Raja Dinkar Museum?
Apart from its vast collection, the museum's special exhibitions and galleries, such as the Textile Gallery and the Mastani Mahal, offer visitors a glimpse into the diverse cultures and eras of India, making it a standout attraction.