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Discover the Sambalpur Mini Zoo, a popular attraction in Odisha where about 300 visitors flock daily, with numbers swelling to 1000 on Sundays. The period from November to March sees a surge in visitors, drawn to the 13.6-hectare zoo on the outskirts of Sambalpur. Here, wildlife enthusiasts can spot four-horned antelopes, barking deer, leopards, ratels, monkeys, sloth bears, civets, pythons, parakeets, and peacocks. The zoo also features a variety of vibrant flowers, adding to the charm of this delightful attraction.

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FAQs on Sambalpur Mini Zoo

What is the Sambalpur Mini Zoo known for?
The Sambalpur Mini Zoo in Odisha is known for its diverse wildlife, including four-horned antelopes, barking deer, leopards, and a variety of bird species.
What are the visiting hours and ticket prices for Sambalpur Mini Zoo?
The Sambalpur Mini Zoo is open from 9AM to 6PM. The ticket fee is Rs 15 per person, and two-wheeler vehicle parking is priced at Rs 5 per vehicle.
Is the Sambalpur Deer Park suitable for families and children?
Yes, the Sambalpur Deer Park is an ideal destination for families, children, and nature enthusiasts to enjoy a day out surrounded by animals and birds in their natural habitats.
What are the highlights of Sambalpur Deer Park?
Sambalpur Deer Park offers visitors the chance to observe deer, leopards, bears, pythons, peacocks, and various bird species in a serene and well-maintained environment.
What facilities are available at Sambalpur Deer Park?
Sambalpur Deer Park provides drinking water facilities, a canteen for meals, a children's play area, and a garden with medicinal herbs and rare trees for visitors to enjoy.
What is the ambiance like at Sambalpur Deer Park?
The ambiance at Sambalpur Deer Park is tranquil and picturesque, with free-roaming deer, vibrant birdlife, and well-shaded areas for visitors to relax and connect with nature.
What conservation efforts are undertaken at Sambalpur Deer Park?
Sambalpur Deer Park serves as a conservation and rescue center for wildlife, reflecting a commitment to preserving nature and providing a sanctuary for both animals and humans.
What can visitors expect to see at the Sambalpur Mini Zoo?
Visitors to the Sambalpur Mini Zoo can witness a wide range of wildlife, including deer, leopards, bears, pythons, and various bird species, amidst lush greenery and well-maintained enclosures.
Is Sambalpur Deer Park a recommended destination for a peaceful escape?
Yes, Sambalpur Deer Park offers a rejuvenating experience for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and individuals seeking solace in a serene environment.
What sets Sambalpur Deer Park apart as a wildlife sanctuary?
Sambalpur Deer Park stands out for its well-designed layout, diverse wildlife species, and the harmonious blend of nature and wildlife that provides a captivating experience for visitors.